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Topic: Box.net Improvement

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    Box.net Improvement

    Lots of Box.net users here, so I think this will be appropriate and useful.

    Last night, I accidentally uploaded a file to Box.net, slightly larger than the 10 Mb limit per file. The upload was successful, which led me to investigate. I discovered that the new file limit is 25 Mb per file, which is more than adequate for my needs. I expect that many other users will appreciate this improvement.


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    Re: Box.net Improvement

    That's a good deal, Richard - thanks for the report.

    Box has done a number of new things now, the interface looks different, acts differently - I think it's better. And they send auto-mail when someone downloads a file of yours, and that's handy.

    I've been paying Box $5 a month now for quite awhile to have no limits on upload size, and that's been worth it since so many of my things are larger than 10 MB--but with 25 MBs in the free accounts--!--There's still larger storage when you pay, I haven't reached my limit--not sure what it is, 5 gigs maybe?

    Anyway, Box continues to be useful for sure.

    Randy B.

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