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Topic: GPO editions: 2nd vs. 3rd; & upgrading from 2nd

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    GPO editions: 2nd vs. 3rd; & upgrading from 2nd

    I was very excited when GPO 4th edition was announced, and I await its release anxiously. Right now I own GPO 2nd edition, and I'll admit I was definitely surprised at the new "4th edition" as I was completely unaware that a 3rd edition even existed. I do consider myself pretty aware and up-to-date on the latest in available sound libraries, so I did find it odd that I hadn't heard of the 3rd edition before -- more so that Garritan never sent any promotional emails about it (at least I never got any). I did a ton of Googling and couldn't find any documentation whatsoever on exactly what the differences between the 2nd and 3rd editions are. More instruments? Better control?

    Also, I fully intend to purchase GPO 4th edition when it comes out, and I know of the $50 upgrade, which is really awesome. However, I'm concerned about which versions of GPO qualify for the upgrade. Would it only apply to its predecessor -- the 3rd edition -- or is the upgrade available to users of the 2nd edition? I'll be honest, I would feel a bit cheated if the former is only true, considering the lack of information and promotion of GPO 3rd edition. I'd appreciate the help!

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    Re: GPO editions: 2nd vs. 3rd; & upgrading from 2nd

    You qualify. The third edition signifies that the product ships with Kontakt Player 2, so if you've made that upgrade, you're on Version 3.

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    Re: GPO editions: 2nd vs. 3rd; & upgrading from 2nd

    Aha! Yes, I did make the upgrade to KP2, so that's good to hear. Thank you!

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