How is your favorite DAW treating you?
Were there many glitches to overcome at first?
Are you getting what you wanted out of it or just what is needed?
Has it been one giant learning curve or simplified from your previous?
What DAW are you using at present?
Do you use more than one?
What features do you feel are superior than others?
How well does it handle plugins, VSTi and FX?
Are you quite satisfied or just OK with it and waiting on something better later?
If you spill milk on the violin part does Gary come a lookin' for ya?
How is the layout of the mixer and other windows?
What audio interface are you favoring?
You prefer Mac over PC or ham on rye with honey mustard?
What notational software are you using and how computable is it with your system?
What's a Henway?
Do you own one of the Authorized Steinway's?
What Keyboard are do you favor and how is it for use with the Steinway?
When is the next presidential election?
Do you mute the brass section when Snorlax enters the room?

And last but not least ....... If I start a major corporation with the forum members and somehow loose all the funds,will you except a trillion dalla bailout?

Oh, ok ... enough. Just answer the questions.