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Topic: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

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    Thumbs up Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Vocal Tools Classical Edition | Soprano DLV

    The Soprano DLV is the second release of the forthcoming Vocal Tools Classical Edition by Bela D Media.com. Powered exclusively with Native Instruments Kontakt 2 and 3, the Soprano is sung with a dark and haunting operatic vocal style that lends itself perfectly to any film or media project.

    Slave to the phrase? Not this time! By means of unique programming, sample editing, and the advanced VT script the user has complete control over the elements within a given phrase across the vocal scale. Effortlessly create moving and realistic melodies all your own.

    What is sung? The Soprano has a significant gathering of Latin and Gregorian vocal elements. In addition, you will find Moving Vowels such as/and for example: Ah Say Too V Chay.

    Included with the Soprano is set of master template patches that provide the composer numerous vocal elements to be arranged and sung naturally in real-time. The Soprano is 24-bit audio recorded direct via the CAD Trion 8000 tube microphone. You may add/change/remove all provided vocal effects.

    Vocal Tools VT Script

    The VT script is a power tool that will unleash your creative genius. The script takes the, “Not a slave to the phrase” statement to a new and exciting level not yet matched. With this insightful and user friendly script, the user has complete control of any give phrase and its elements.

    From natural legato vocal lines to comprehensive phase manipulation - the command is now in the hands of the composer!

    Enter Demo Room

    Enter Product Page

    Vocal Tools Classical Edition | Soprano DLV
    MSRP: $119.99

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    Question Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Hi Francis

    checking out the demos, I personally would like to hear the vocal solo. That is a tough test, of course...but IMO the voice is mixed a bit far back to judge it properly.

    Also....is this a completely unrelated product to the DIVA series (in other words, DIVA users shouldn't expect any special purchase deals)?

    Thanks for your continuing great work!


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    Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Judging from my experiences so far with The Tenor, I would say that the Soprano will be very cool as well. The Tenor is extremely flexible and sounds excellent, and from the looks of it, the Soprano continues that trend.

    Should be interesting to create some multi-voice "dualing" classical soloists. I bet that would be a blast!


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    Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Concerning the 'voice too soft on demo' concern. I listened on multiple speakers in a calibrated environment, and while trk 3 may appear soft, it is just about right for production translation. But trks 1 & 2 are definitely not low.

    For us here, having a solo demo isnt really a necessity . Especially, given the price which is gobs lower than most libs.

    mgr, Legacy Lab

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    Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Francis and the team have done it again!!!!!!

    It's the scripting.... I have no idea how they're doing it but at the moment they are the
    only company out there that are getting that magical transition from note to note sounding
    authentic (apart from VSL but their magic is done with samples!). It really does sound and play great!

    Tonally it compliments "Diva" amazingly well and as much as I love some of the EW vocal stuff IMO it's in a league of its own in the "Solo soprano" department.

    If budget allows it's always going to be a real Sop.... (plus.., the one I use is nice to look at!) but for this kind of money buying this library really is a no brainer! A decent single recording session is going to cost twice this at least.. and she won't be available at 3 o'clock in the morning!!!

    IMO Brilliant... more vocal heaven from Bela D!!!

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    Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV


    when there will be more demos ? i only see one demo for the soprano product !!

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    Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Yes, I agree.. I'm sure that this is a great product, but we really do need to hear a naked vocal, without any orchestration... Like singing 8th note passages at tempo 90, and seeing what the legato transitions sound like in both scalar passages as well as leaps... That's really my concern with this... The word phrases sound like pre-fab notes, which is fine and can work very well in some circumstances... But when doing the vocalise type of work, we really need to hear just the vocals exposed to hear the legato capabilities.. Anyway, my two cents... So far, it sounds great...

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    Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Sorry for the delay in reply.

    No one more then me is aware that additional audio demos need to be uploaded. We will have more soon. Everyone is simply slammed with work.

    We are extremely confident that the Vocal Tools series is yet unmatched – especially in this price point. Can she/he sing every little thing you heart desires? It’s hard to say really. Do note that NO 'phrases' had been used in the montage. We would suggest strongly reading the downloadable users guide. It will explain the concept of Vocal Tools.

    Doing a solo voice demo is not an issue. If and when we do put up a solo voice, I believe we would be the first. I am not aware of any solo voice demo of said style product… many of which are certainly not $99-$119. Nonetheless, you may also recall that we had offered a trial demo of the Tenor. This was 1 fully working patch. I am not certain we will do the same this time around as it was a bandwidth killer.

    I sincerely thank those who now own the Soprano to take a moment to post their findings. It means the world to us!
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    Thank you for the new Soprano library. So easy to work with and stunning results. I have paired it with the Tenor and the two are brilliant together. I look forward to other voices in the series. Thanks for such out-of-the-package usable and musically inspiring libraries. Keep 'em coming!!

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    Thumbs up Re: Vocal Tools Soprano DLV

    As requested: Here is a ‘to the point’ example of the Soprano/Vocal Tools. Only a soft Taurus bass pedal was added to help define the melody. I decided against any type of midi editing/tweaks after the fact. This example is 100 percent real-time. Of course the user is free to master his or her vocal tracks. See the users guide.

    Provided Patch

    Sequence with steps 4 and 5 added to the basic patch.

    1. Ee <out of box>
    2. Zay <out of box>
    3. Lah <out of box>
    4. Lah <L dialed away and mod down to produce dark Ah> <Slight Legato>
    5. Zay <Z dialed away and mod down to produce dark Ay> <Deep Legato/Rise to Pitch>

    Notes Played
    C D E F G G – G F E D C C

    Audio Example

    Have faith when we say it is just that ‘Ee Zay!”
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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