i'm a 21 y o guy that has been studying music in school and later in conservatory, i developed a strong passion for composing as i learned much . Unfortunatelly (on a way) i only used a pc to simulate my music so i have a NONE experience with hardware and everything that includes recording.But now a door has opened and i've been asked to work in a studio with some nice equipments,a digital mixer Tascam DM-3200,a 48 track DAW Tascam X-48 . Of course i said yes before knowing what equipment they have because it was a huge oportunity . The problem is that as i read the manuals i notice that i have lacks of knowledge and no matter how hard i would search for explains i still am not understand completelly . Besides that i'm not an english guy (romanian) and imagine that infos in romanian are not that much , would be lovely to learn first the terminology in romanian and easier to understand what it does . So my question is, could you please help me with any materials or sugestions , a guy that LOVES this part of music and that is very interested to learn ?