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Topic: Dan Dean Solo French Horn

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    Dan Dean Solo French Horn

    I just received the solo french horn from Dans collection today and it sounds great! The FFF samples are fantastic and have a nice bite to them and the sound quality is superb.
    Highly recommended

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo French Horn

    Anyone got an mp3 of the french horn playing full-blast? I\'d like to get that Hollywood/Thomas_J sound somehow.

    Can this horn pull it off?

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo French Horn

    I did some tweaking on the DD SB Horns. Without QLB layered it can sound pretty nice if you add some filters to the X-fade in the ensemble instruments. you create a VERY playable ensemble instrument this way. Throw some reverb and it sounds pretty good. In fact I like the sound for some unison lines. Layered with QLB doesn\'t make the biggest difference, but lets me get a little different of a sound. The truth is, nothing is currently available that will get the BIG hollywood sound for horns. Nothing has that big room resonance. I\'ve been EQing and EQing, and I\'ve gotten some really good sounds, I once used an old Thomas_J horn demo as a goal point to make QLB sound better, and I got some really nice results. In fact I jsut listened to it again, and have to figure out what I did, because it sounds alot better than I remembered.

    Still, Dan Dean could nail it with the new symphony orchestra library he\'s doing. Hopefully we\'ll see at NAMM.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo French Horn

    Hey King,
    Care to share any EQ tips for french horns?

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo French Horn

    depends on the library Damon. I tend to roll off a little of the highs in DD then put it \"back\" a bit in reverb with pre fader mixing. Pumping hte lows seems to sound good at first....but when I start doing chords I get a bad resonating tone...but I think its my reverb. Of course trying to EQ out this resonance jsut starts to take away from the low end again

    QLB takes well to \"rock guitar EQ\" other wise known as the swoop/sweep. Just pull out the mids and pump the lows and highs. Of course there are better ways to make it sound better

    I\'ve got some other ideas about Brass that I want to try when I\'m done with the current projects. I think layering synth tones (not synth samples but actual tones) might help bring back the low end. If note then some creative Audio tweaking might be in order. Then again we can all wait for someone to actually sample Brass with the sound built in Even go as far as to hire a film score engineer..... hmmm

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo French Horn

    Thanks King .

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    Re: Dan Dean Solo French Horn

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by KingIdiot:

    Still, Dan Dean could nail it with the new symphony orchestra library he\'s doing. Hopefully we\'ll see at NAMM.



    Is this true? If so, what info have you heard about it?



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    Re: Dan Dean Solo French Horn


    He should have some demo instruments at NAMM.....very interested in what kind of plans for the library there are.

    now the trick is to get to beta test it....

    Really...I am an Idiot

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