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Topic: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

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    There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    Here's a different tune for the swing jazz fans here. Every once in awhile I like to do something different, art deco like, if that's even the right word for this kind of tune. Think of it as a 30's or 40's private detective mood music in the later hours of the evening with the neon signs flashing about the city. The rendition uses a very strong compliment of JABB instruments with some instruments from other libraries. Just sit back and enjoy the tune! It's a shorty! 2:45 seconds long I believe.


    Richard Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    Very nice work Richard!
    It stays true to your description.

    I am also very fond of that era. The golden age of movies and the "over the top" movie scores.

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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    Nice ! Enjoyed it .
    Things may come and things may go but the art school dance goes on forever
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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz


    Nice. I was surprised, though, at the abrupt ending. Or,
    maybe the download didn't finish correctly.

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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz


    Not a huge Jazz fan, but this is well made.

    Sam Spade in a club looking for the bad guy while checking out all the dames.

    Nicely done

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    Thanks Mike, Jack, Derek and Ron! Sorry for being so late in getting back to guys to say thanks for listening. I had to open a new forum for another hobby thing I participate in and that has kept me real busy the past week. Thanks again!

    Rich Garber
    Living Waters Jazz

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    Senior Member bigears's Avatar
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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    Hi, This has a real smooth style to it. I enjoyed listening to the various horns and also liked the bass and drums on this. Nice work! Thanks for sharing. John

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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    Hi Richard,

    This is perfect while having a beer and a big plate of ravioli with a lot of parmesan cheese at Carmine's in Manhattan!

    Thanks for posting!


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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    Hi, Richard

    I want to thank you for being one of the purveyors of jazz here in The Listening Room. It always perks me up when there's jazz to be heard here, even though I don't compose straight-ahead jazz. I just know that jazz is an admired influence that colors what I do and I love hearing people create jazz pieces with the Garritan instruments.

    This sounded pretty darned good. As the others have said, you've created a period mood which is enjoyable to visit.

    I'd like to pass on an observation about your presentation, the text you've used here and at SoundClick.

    Art Deco is a visual style of the late '20's and '30s, so it refers to an era you're talking about, but it actually can't extend to describing a musical style. Skyscrapers, the pyramid shaped Martini glass, the stylized zig-zags and other decorations on Los Angeles buildings - those are some of the most easily recognized examples of the Art Deco style.

    I feel that it could be potentially off-putting to some people to have an incorrect description for the style of your piece. "Art Nouveau" of the late 19th Century - lots of examples of that curving, botanically inspired art, but music of the period isn't called the same thing.

    My other suggestion is that it weakens your presentation to tell people ahead of time what the song's mood is, ie: "... A melodic and melancholy atmospheric ballad combining combo techniques with big band compliment..." And I think it doesn't help to explain, "...This is a short tune to contrast the more up-tempo songs..." The listener will discover that on his/her own, and will be more personally involved with your work when they make those kind of discoveries unprompted.

    I'm sure it's because of my theatre background and growing appreciation for how presentation effects people's reactions that I'm passing on those observations. I'm sure this is the last kind of feedback you expected, but please take it as my intention to be helpful.

    Thanks for the fine music.

    Randy B.

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    Senior Member fastlane's Avatar
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    Re: There Are Struggles - JABB based jazz

    I liked your jazz piece. The trumpet and bone worked well together.

    Maybe it's the more modern recording sounds but it seemed more like late 40's or fifties swing music to me. But I'm no jazz buff so who knows.

    It's a nice change to hear jazz on the forum.


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