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Topic: Dave Smith Instruments - MoPho.

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    Dave Smith Instruments - MoPho.

    Hi folks, we've just moved onto reviewing hardware synths also on Traxmusic.
    So just to let you know we have our Dave Smith Instruments - MoPho review now published live. Devon Brent just put the finishing touches on the review. We finally got it published.

    If your thinking about purchasing this, it might be worth a read before hand.
    You can check out the full review here if you like, http://www.traxmusic.org/home/?p=403

    Best regards,

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    Re: Dave Smith Instruments - MoPho.

    Nice review!

    I was playing with this synth at NAMM and was very impressed for the price. Those sub-oscillators really fatten bass sounds.

    This synth is on my list as my next possible purchase.


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