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Topic: Motu Ethno Instrument canīt load Multi

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    Motu Ethno Instrument canīt load Multi

    Hi there,

    anybody who faced the same problem? I canīt load multis into my motu ethno.
    If I start from the finder it works, Ethno starts up as a stand alone loading the multi, but in my host, Logic 7, I cannot load any multi, they all show up in grey.
    Also as a stand alone, after starting up with the first multi I canīt change it later, also just grey.
    Any idea whatīs wrong?
    Thanks, Michael.

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    Re: Motu Ethno Instrument canīt load Multi

    I posted the same question on a Motu TechLink and got finally an answer now. Just to complete this thread here it is...

    Hi Michael,
    We are aware that clicking "LOAD" button in Ethno will not allow you to select a Multi in OSX 10.5. This will likely be resolved in a future update. You can still load a Multi by selecting Load from the File menu.

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