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Topic: Moving GPO to another computer

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    Moving GPO to another computer

    Hi, I currently have GPO installed on two computers, my DAW and my personal computer. I would like to remove it from my DAW (which is not connected to the internet for security reasons i.e. to avoid viruses etc.) onto a laptop. I know both GPO and Sibelius (which I use GPO with) allow for two instillations and I also know that Sibelius allows you to move an instillation from one computer to another even if the one computer isn't connected to the internet (I've already checked with them on this). Sibelius allows you to have two instillations at one time. The GPO handbook says you are allowed two instillations period, so I'm worried that if I change everything over, I will discover that I am not allowed to uninstall GPO on the DAW and reinstall it on the laptop. I checked the Garritan site and didn't see any mention of this. Anyone know for sure?


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    Re: Moving GPO to another computer

    Hi Brad,

    You'll be fine. The Native Instruments authorization method has changed to be a little more lenient--no need for deactivating anything anymore. Just be sure to use the latest version of service center, available for download from the Native Instruments website.

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    Re: Moving GPO to another computer

    Hey Reegs, thanks so much for the swift reply!

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