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Topic: EVOLVE Expanded Content 2 and Tutorial Videos

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    EVOLVE Expanded Content 2 and Tutorial Videos

    EVOLVE Expanded Content 2
    The Rhythmic Tweakers Paradise
    Free for all registered users of EVOLVE, Expanded Content 2 contains over 500 presets. Each preset is made up of the original loop stretched over 2 octaves and the beat-slices mapped across the keyboard. We've also included the matching midi files to import into your host sequencer. These presets will allow you to drastically alter the loops to your heart's content.

    Click here to visit the downloads page

    EVOLVE Tutorial Videos Now Online
    12 new tutorial videos are now online! The videos are separated into two sections; Instant Gratification and The Basics. The Instant Gratification videos give you a quick taste of the sounds of EVOLVE. The Basics video tutorials range from installation and updating to in-depth instruction on using the various aspects of EVOLVE. You can stream them online through our player or download full-res, HD versions.

    Click Here to View Online
    Click Here to Download Full Res Videos

    EVOLVE Wins EM Editors' Choice Award
    We are also pleased to announce that EVOLVE has won the 2009 Electronic Musician Magazine Editors' Choice Award for "Best Sample Player (Software)". The January 2009 issue names EVOLVE one of the 22 best new products of the year. See the full article Here.

    Don't forget, you can also give EVOLVE a test run at Try-sound.com


    -The Heavyocity Team
    "Sample Your Future"

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    Re: EVOLVE Expanded Content 2 and Tutorial Videos

    Well -- I'm so glad to finally see the videos! They may have been up there for a while, but I had not known it if they were -- they REALLY are a help, especially since you show the keyboard and which MIDI notes are being played throughout. It's VERY revealing (in a GOOD way)!

    So the videos are cool.

    But Try-Sound.com -- NOW *THAT* IS NICE.

    The latency for me makes trying to really PLAY anything impossible. But at least I can get a sense of the library, and how various elements might work together.

    Evolve has just moved to the top of a VERY short "to buy" list for me!!

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