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Topic: Sampled Pianos and a Yamaha P-80?

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    Sampled Pianos and a Yamaha P-80?

    Will I be able to make the most of the various Gigasamler pianos, such as the Majasmo, the new Post piano, the EastWest Steinway, and Gigapiano if I opt for a Yamaha P-80, which other forums say is good only as a basic MIDI controller? Are there features found in other controllers that I need to use these gigasampler pianos?

    (My problem is that I would like to have these good pianos available for recording, but at times would like to just sit down at night and play without having to start my computer and load gigasampler and a piano. I also like the P-80 action.)

    Thanks for any insights you can provide.

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    Re: Sampled Pianos and a Yamaha P-80?

    Hi Jake

    The P80 has one of the best (and heavier) actions of the non-digital piano camp. The sound samples are pretty fine too.

    The P120 has extra speakers and a *much* nicer sample set on board, but neither of them have a) modulation wheels or b) velocity curve settings, which can be useful for taming the midi velocity output to GigaSampler and controlling things like realease samples as mentioned on another post.

    I\'m seriously considering the Viscount/Oberheim MC3000 as it has a great action (apparently) and the option of an onboard piano card.

    Perhaps someone else can comment on the importance of velocity curves on a keyboard ? ...


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    Re: Sampled Pianos and a Yamaha P-80?

    Hi there,

    I tried several master keyboards about 3 years ago, after I got fed up with the action on my ageing Yamaha PF2000. I was initially going to get the Roland RD600, but I preferd the action of the Alesis QS8 which I bought and have been very happy with.

    I was helping a friend set up a studio last year, and being a pianist as well, wanted a good master keyboard, so we went shopping! The big surprise was the Oberheim which I think felt even better than my QS8 and was even cheaper. Definitely worth trying out!!


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    Re: Sampled Pianos and a Yamaha P-80?

    I\'m playing an old hp1700 Roland keyboard I got way back in high school when I started this music thang.. Most people love the action on it. But there are no other controllers on it. So my Trinity sits on top of that. Go test many of them out. I found that the really pricey ones had aweful weight/action.

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    Re: Sampled Pianos and a Yamaha P-80?

    One caution about the P80: It doesn\'t send the full range of velocity values via MIDI. I think it tops out at about 90. Hopefully your sequencer has a function to bump up the velocity values by a certain amount (like Sonar). I typically have to set mine to about +15 or so to get all the velocity layers within a piano sample. BTW, this is not an issue if you\'re just using the sounds within the P80.

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