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Topic: Music Tech Dept: Gibson Robot Guitar Tuning

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    Music Tech Dept: Gibson Robot Guitar Tuning

    I've heard about this Robto Guitar Tuner but until now have never seen it work.

    This brings new found hope for banjoists. Now if they only made this for harp.

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    Re: Music Tech Dept: Gibson Robot Guitar Tuning

    Hmmm...I'm thinking a model for singers. Perhaps the singer could be fitted with something looking like those really huge, ugly dental retainers, and the machine can pull on it every time they're a bit flat.

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    Re: Music Tech Dept: Gibson Robot Guitar Tuning

    Saw it demo'd at a show last year, simply awesome.

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    Re: Music Tech Dept: Gibson Robot Guitar Tuning

    Are these the guitars in ARIA? We're waiting for licensing for the tuners for the robot instruments.

    Good grief!!! Tuners that clip on I can understand, but this is ridiculous. Next we need an inflatable Ken to play the thing.


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    Re: Music Tech Dept: Gibson Robot Guitar Tuning

    Bill Staines, the folksinger, had this comment from the stage (Uptown Coffeehouse, Riverdale, NY, 2/8/2009) about tuning a guitar:
    "Instead of tuning the guitar, just keep strumming it until your ears get used to the sound."
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    Re: Music Tech Dept: Gibson Robot Guitar Tuning

    I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours with a Robot guitar... it is pretty cool, but maybe not the way some folks might think.

    The internal tuner is remarkably accurate... I'll put it up against my strobe tuner, but not my ears<G>!

    It's not fast enough to correct for intonation problems... oh well.

    I was able to get some very cool pedal steel effects, but I don't think that's what they intended. The reason it works so well for that is, I think, because it is a mechanical process, much like the pedals and levers on the real deal. I've never been satisfied with trying to get the effect by bending because the curve of change in frequency over time is different when you are bending with your fingers. You'd think you could mimic it, but for me at least its really hard to get that timing thing going.

    The ability to switch tunings quickly and silently is nothing short of miraculous. No more switching guitars!!!

    And it's a very nice instrument to boot!

    Bill Thompson
    Audio Enterprise

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