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Topic: reverbs

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    My PCM70 packed up last week and, as I don\'t have the immediate bounty to by a PCM90/91 or such until spring, I wondered what experience people were having with other less pricey units or plug-ins.

    I\'ve heard good things about the following:

    Waves Rennaisance
    Roland SRV3030d
    O-verb (off the oasys soundcard)
    MPX200 or 500

    Any views or experiences, particularly in relation to the gigasample libraries (EW steinway B, and vitous for instance) would be much appreciated. Also, how well do any of the above work when applied to the recording of, say, a violin.

    Do any of them come close to the PCM70 (or 90/91)?.

    much appreciated


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    Re: reverbs

    You should check out Altiverb, which is a MAS plug-in for Digital Performer. This is by far the very best performance hall emulation reverb available. It is equal in quality to a $10,000 Sony DRES777.

    I am going to put up an MP3 demo in a couple of days, using Altiverb on one of the \"Bosendorfer Imperial\" demos. Altiverb is so amazingly real, that you truly feel as though you are sitting in a world class performance hall listening to a professional pianist playing a world class piano.

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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    Re: reverbs

    I still like Acoustic Mirror from Sound Forge.

    Real tiem mixing with it can only be done in Vegas tho. Its an alternative in the realm of convolution (like altiverb) I personally dont have alt yet so I cant compare...but soon.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: reverbs

    I am having good results with the Room Simulator in Samplitude (wich allowed me to ditch my hardware), but I would love to know how that compares

    Martin Beckers

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    Re: reverbs

    I\'ll prolly buy an UAD-1 DSP card soon. Will let you know how it fares

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    Re: reverbs

    Hi Guys,

    I\'ve got the UAD-1 card and it\'s great. For 90% of stuff, it works better than my TC M-One or Lex MPX1. I\'ve been doing an interesting project with actor Bruce Boa, most famous for his role as the American in a Fawlty Towers episode but also in movies like Empire Strikes Back and Full Metal Jacket.

    Anyway, I\'m recording a book he\'s written and adding sound FX and music. I\'ve been using several Realverbs from the UAD card and they have been amazing for this project. The \'Ambience\' setting is lovely for the main dialogue, and sounds good on lead vocals for pop stuff as well. The \'Long Tube\' setting sounded great for a cave in the mountains scene, and the \'Drums in a Vat\' setting was perfect for the prison setting!

    This reverb is very smooth with a great sense of realism. The halls are very nice too, but there are so many parameters to tweak, and I haven\'t had time to really experiment. For anyone working in Logic or Cubase, I highly recommend this card, but even more so for the compressors which I can\'t stop using!

    Regards, chris

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    Re: reverbs

    Chris!!! That is the response I have been looking for regarding the UAD-1!! I have Lexicon MPX1 and TC M-One too, and am looking to more or less replace them with the UAD-1 Realverb (and the new upcoming one which should be even better). Have you done anything on UAD-1 with its RV in an orchestral setting I can hear?

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    Re: reverbs

    I have to agree with Bardstown here; the demo I tried from Altiverb is the best reverb I\'ve ever heard next to the Sony.

    The best thing about it is that they\'ve mic\'ed the spaces at different distances with different mic setups (omni and directional). So instead of your sound getting just wetter and over-reverberated when you make it really wet (as with most non convulution reverbs), you can actually perceive the distance of the sound.
    For orchestral stuff, real or emulated, I don\'t think there\'s anything better out there.
    BTW, since the impulse files are just raw 24 bit files, you can use the altiverb files in Sound forge\'s acoustic mirror if you convert them, and vice versa as well.
    The altiverb ones do sound a lot \'cleaner\' to me than the AM ones, but this may be subjective; the altiverb ones are all 24 bit so this may contribute to that.

    I\'ve hear they intend to release an RTAS and VST version later this year, although I\'m hoping they\'ll announce something at NAMM ofcourse!!

    A friend of mine will be doing some comparative testing on this (differences between Sony and Altiverb, among other things), so I\'ll keep you posted once I get some results!



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    Re: reverbs

    Hey again Simon,

    Yes, that\'s what I\'m going to do with that short GOS demo, but obviously unless I record all the individual parts as audio in my Logic PC, I can\'t adjust the reverb for each part independently. That\'s why I\'m looking forward to installing the Multiface!

    Talk soon,

    Regards, Chris

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    Re: reverbs

    Hi Simon,

    The only orchestral thing I\'ve tried with the Realverb, is on that very short GOS test I posted a few months back. Unfortunately, my UAD card is on my logic PC, not my Giga PC which has only analogue outputs to my mixer. I\'ve just received a new RME Multiface which will have an optical link to the RME Hammerfall in my Logic PC, so I can then use the Realverb on Giga stuff!

    I won\'t have time for another week or so to install it, so I\'ll try to upload a version of that GOS test with the Realverb accross the whole mix (originally done with the TC M-One), and you can compare the two.

    I\'ll post a link when it\'s done.


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