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Topic: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

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    Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin - FREE TRIAL

    NEW - Polyphonic Round Robin

    As you may have noticed with Kontakt, even if you have employed Round Robin Cycling, when you play a single-note staccato or aggressive attack repeatedly in rapid succession, the "machine gun" effect is minimal, yet still sometimes noticeable. If you play a 2-note chord in rapid succession, the machine gun effect is quite evident. This is because Kontakt does not normally support a polyphonic round robin.

    However, we have built in a script (added to TVEC) that fixes this so that not only do chords receive the round robin effect no matter how many notes you play, but the effect is even better than the previous single-note round robin. All those who already have the Kontakt version of TVEC can get this upgrade free of charge.

    So now, you can easily and automatically do those cool string "scrubbing" sounds without an external "performance" tool.

    You can try this out for FREE for a limited time. A free Concert Strings Combinations instrument is available at http://www.kirkhunterstudios.com/sig...ombination.php

    This is currently being added to all TVEC programming.
    Last edited by KirkHunter; 02-15-2009 at 11:49 AM. Reason: correct error in download link

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    If you previously download the free trial of Concert Strings Combinations and found missing samples, go back to your download page and refresh it. The proper links should now be there.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    I bought Diamond last year but am now utterly confused about what's going on.

    I understand TVEC is extra (and you did graciously provide a couple of downloads of instruments gratis - many thanks). But now this poly roundrobin is extra as well ?

    Does that mean that you now have various core libraries ( Emerald, Diamond etc), people then need to buy TVEC, and also then add Poly Roundrobin ?

    If TVEC is so good then buying one of your sets without it seems like getting the "B version" of the product, and I presume will never be updated since all effort will go into TVEC.

    Sorry, but I find this all too complex, and your website is, well, a very messy & complex as well. I'm not buying or modifying anything at the moment because I simply can't figure out what's going on.

    - Are existing owners entitled to anything ? If so, what ?
    - Is TVEC programming complete for your libraries ?
    - Does TVEC supercede the old existing instruments ?
    - Are new libraries sold with TVEC as standard ?
    - Are new libraries sold with PolyRR as standard ?
    - Is there an easy way for existing owners to update everything ?

    Perhaps you could clarify things with an "overview" post here ?

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    +1, I have given up trying to understand it too

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    As far as I understood Kirk the TVEC programming will be the new standard programming for his libraries (once all the instruments are converted which seems to take time). I also understood that owners of Diamond would be able to update to the TVEC programmed instruments for a decent upgrade price (and Kirk always had a reasonably priced upgrade policy).

    The polyphonic round robin seems to be the newest addition to the TVEC programming and not a library of it´s own.

    It seems that Kirk is very busy with programming and it is (obviously) difficult for a one-man-show to keep the marketing department up to date (and marketing in contrast to instrument development) hasn´t been the strongest side of "Kirk Hunter Enterprise".

    It surely would be nice if the current bunch of instruments and packages could be made more transparent especially for customers who have already bought the previous libraries.

    I´m sure Kirk will chime in himself and correct me if I´m wrong.

    best regards

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    I bought Ruby few moths ago and while I am really happy soundwise, I cannot understand how one can present these top notch and reasonably priced products on such a messy and poorly designed website. I just don't get it. I was thinking about upgrading Ruby to TVEC version and/or go for Diamond but that website drives me nuts. Kirk, please!!!

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    Just to add to the rather negative feedback on the website... It's rather messy and I've also been having trouble navigating and understanding what's going on. It does seem to take away from the fabulous instruments that he makes!

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    I bought Ruby end of 2007.I don't really care about the bad designed site (it's a pain but if you take some time you finally find out what you're looking for).The TEVC update is way too expensive to me.OK I understand that it's a lot of work programming all those new scripts and features but it's not a "new" library, it's an update to enhance the libraries; as much as I like the Kirk Hunter sound (especially the strings) those improvements are needed if Kirk wants to stay on top and keep his customers for future products.
    For example Spectrasonics is coming with a big Stylus RMX update and it'll be free...; I mean I bought this 3 years ago.....Wallander is improving Wivi software all the time for free since the beginning..Maybe Kirk Hunter is smaller than those , but anyway I won't upgrade at the prices I see now, not talking about the new polyphonic stuff (is it free with the current TEVC update??).
    And again, I think that Kirk stuff sounds really great.

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    Nice sounding .wav samples and extremely generous for a free collection, but, I can't get the .nki itself to load. It crashes Kontakt right on load, as a plugin or on standalone.

    Any ideas?
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Kirk Hunter's New Polyphonic Round Robin

    I'd like to second previous posts, but just with a "positive add-on" in some way :

    So, the pros :
    Kirk's libraries are very good, and very balanced quality/price-wise.

    And now the cons :
    YES, the site is a "walking headache", a very confusing place where :
    - it's next to impossible to determine what a previous customer can expect about the new developments (upgrade paths)
    - it's probably even harder for a newcomer to clearly grasp the differences between various versions,
    - it's no child's play to have a definitive understanding of the new features potential.

    Each time Kirk announces something, I'm thrilled and go to his site, just to fearfully leave this "Eye's-and-Mind's-Hell" place a couple of minutes later...

    So please Kirk, it's almost a prayer, consider it a "top-of-the-list" task to really give a new look and logic to your site !!!

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