And yet again, the relentless oilfield of samples known as Tonehammer has just pumped out another big fat instrument library. We call it “The Didge”.

The library contains two different Didgeridoos recorded in a variety of ways that allows the user to sculpt their own grooves. The Didge is an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument dating back over 2000 years. The instrument is made from Eucalyptus logs hollowed out by termites and is widely regarded as one of the oldest woodwind (aerophone) instruments in existence. Tonehammer recorded two different Didges for maximum user flexibility. The first one is an original Eucalyptus didge and the second one is modern version made from heat-warped PVC pipe.

The library contains over 400MB of sounds. Programs contain modwheel-controlled time-stretching and sample offset options, allowing users to get more flexibility and playability out of the samples. We recorded the individual Didges at two different mic (close/medium) distances and a far mic for our dual-didge FX collection. Here are a couple of demos to check out, both by Troels Folmann.
The demo features Didge, Cylindrum, Anti-Drum: Water Cooler Ensemble, Clap, Baby Toys, Soda Tabs. Rainstick, Coke Bottle, Hang Drum. All of the bass sounds and deep percussion in the demo is made with our newest custom instrument, "Cylindrum", which will be released by the end of this week. More on that very soon.
This demo is composed entirely from samples contained in the Didge library. Everything you hear is playable, including the Troels and our personal Didgeridoo master, Karl.

More information about the didge can be found here:

We think that all in all, it’s a pretty cool library that brings a little more depth, playability and versatility than the few other didgeridoo sample libraries out there. Hope you like

- Mike