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Topic: Tonehammer teaser: Cylindrum

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    Tonehammer teaser: Cylindrum

    Its Ninja Time!

    Tonehammer is proud to present a teaser for our upcoming "Cylindrum" library to be released on February 16th 2009

    The library contains a custom built instrument known as: "Cylindrum". The Cylindrum is a massive custom built tuned percussion instrument ranging over 4 octaves, so a percussionists dream come true. The Cylindrum contains three separate variations of the instrument (light, dry and wet). The light version is made from a series of 1.5 inch PVC pipes played by tapping fingers over one end, while microphones were positioned in the opposite end. The dry version was made a series of 4 inch ADS corrugated tubes with an open-ended rubber head played with a paddle. The wet version was recorded in our signature hall and has a more percussive feel then the dry and light versions - resulting in a sort of tuned tom-tom sound. The wet version is used in the demo (see below).

    Cylindrum contains 3 separate instruments, 3 mic positions and a mighty 3,336 samples at $39.

    Check teaser demo here:

    http://www.tonehammer.com/demos/tonehammer_cylindr um_demo_1_dressed.mp3

    Demo features: Cylindrum (Wet), Anti-Drum, Epic Toms and Bamboo Sticks. Note: All vocal sounds- and pads is from our Tongue Series Vol 1: "Francesca" to be released early March 2009.

    Read more about Cylindrum here: http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=1416

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Cylindrum

    Not to distract from your release, but I find these sorts of demos quite useless. When I'm considering a sample set purchase all I want to hear are the actual samples. Show how it works in a mix, sure, but a "pure" demo is the essential first step in evaluating the sound.

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Cylindrum

    I agree with Richard400.

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    Re: Tonehammer teaser: Cylindrum

    sure, those demos with the instrument all by itself will be up by the time the library is released in a couple of days from now.

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