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Topic: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready


    This piece fits in well with the others and provides a nice contrast.

    The rendering on this is great and the movement itself has a nice climatic finish to it.

    well done

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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    Just this movement seems like quite an undertaking.

    It's brooding and romantic. You've kept it interesting with the changes.

    It's rendered well.


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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    Nice work Raymond. It sounded like you were going to set up a grand fugue toward the end of the piece, but I like the direction it took.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    Raymond, I'm glad I finally settled down to give your piece a listen. I have always enjoyed and admired the music you share with us here - And since I think this is the first time I've listened to something since you came back to the Forum, I have to say again--Welcome Back!

    No weighty analysis from me. I can only say I'm in awe of the depth and breadth of this new movement. Amazing work, and the recording has to be the best I've ever heard from you. Excellent.

    Thank you so much, my friend.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    Randy, the best ever recording? Huhuhuh? I simply did my best to make it enjoyable. When this work will be finished I will tell you all the story behind it. It is not that enjoyable story as you already have guessed because of the overall mood of this project.

    Steve, yes it looked like I was starting a Grand Fugue, but I am not ready for that. Besides that, I found that I had to stick to the original melody at the beginning, making up a sort of a "organ-like" ending as often displayed at the end of a church-service. This one fitted better in the story I have in mind.

    Phil, you just hit it. As with Prokovief quoting: "keep it interesting, to avoid the audience falling asleep". By the way, yesterday I bought some Symphonies of good old Serge. Didn't listen to them to avoid "copying". Telling the truth, this part was really the hardest to do (up to now). What goes where and how to make the transitions.

    Ron, also see my answer to Phil, you are right. After all instrumental violence of the second part there must be some relief and it fitted well in the story board.

    Fredrik, I myself am an "old master" (now laughing). Next week I will be 65 years of age. Old enough?! No kidding, why going to modern settings when the old fashioned tonal scales and harmonies just fit in the piece? But wait for the last sequence in this project, you will be "blown off your chair" and your headphones need tuning. I am a bit Romantic, and this has nothing to do with the Valentine's Day (which is today).

    All of you, thanks for the comments and I wish you a good weekend. We, me and my wife, have to go to Belgium, because my grandson (17 months old) is on hospital suffering some strange desease (inflammation of the bones in one of his legs - thighbone).

    With regards,


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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    I liked the first part as well as this part.

    You focus on the emotion instead of bells and whistles.


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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    Hi Raymond, I hope you have had some good news about that Grandson.
    Something like that makes one wish he could just take it all out of the child into himself.

    I love the austere beginning of this third movement. The spareness gives a great foundation for the building up that comes. There's something about that quietude that makes me think of some of Rodrigo's work. This is really showing some results from your hard work, as you have achieved a great sounding recording. I'm very happy to have heard this! John

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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    I found this movement to be very interesting. The beautiful haunting melody at the beginning which had some really interesting harmonic twists, I might add just kept expanding. This movement gave me a deeply sad feeling and seemed to (at every turn and twist in the music) want to break out in to a fury of musical expression. But, it remained constantly building and in control. This was adeptly presented and I can't wait to hear the 4th. Good luck on the completion of this work. I have enjoyed the listen to all that has come so far.

    I just hope the tragedy this seems to presenting does not take a toll emotionally deep on you.

    My best to you!
    [Music is the Rhythm, Harmony and Breath of Life]
    "Music is music, and a note's a note" - Louis 'Satchmo' Armstrong


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    Re: Symphony nr.1 - new part (3) ready

    Quote Originally Posted by bigears View Post
    Hi Raymond, I hope you have had some good news about that Grandson.
    My grandson is better now, there are some "glitches" to solve, but the future looks promising. Thank you for asking.

    RichR, yes it takes a lot of my emotion. Right now, after starting the fourth part I am stuck. So I take some days off.

    Bigears, this part was very hard to do, just because of the minimal use of the orchestra at the beginning. At almost every chord I had to arrange the notes and harmonies I wanted, especially the transitions between different tonal scales. Not to speak about the instruments used to get just that mood. So to speak, it had been written note by note. I can hear somebody telling that it always is note by note, he is right, but in the flow of things, you can designate a melody line and underlying harmony more or less in "one go" a bit automatically. Not with this piece. All details had their part, including the rendering.

    Serge, isn't music about emotion and bells and whistles come later? I always focus on the emotion first, then the theory, then the harmonic sequence, etc. Most of the time it is just a framework from which I work my way further and further, pasting things, deleting a lot more, to get the shapes I want. All musical education comes in as tools, not as the goal.

    Ok, now back to the drawing board... getting some rest in my head and then "give it a jump" to finish this project, started at the 8th of december last year. And you know what? The rendering, I'll have to do that all over again when Aria with GPOA comes out. Then I need a vacation!!!


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