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Topic: OT: Victorian Bushfires - the heartwarming stories

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    OT: Victorian Bushfires - the heartwarming stories

    (There is no pun intended in the title)

    I thought I would post some details on the amazing stories coming out as a result of the incredible devastation in Victoria Australia where more than 180 people have died and more than 1800 houses have been destroyed. More than 7000 people are homeless. They say the death toll could rise to more than 300. Some towns appear to have had a 20% death rate.

    Here are some uplifting stories about the human spirit.

    The Red Cross appeal has raised more than $100Million in relief.
    In Northern Queensland (tropics) there have been many people ravaged by floods - some of them twice this season. Many of these turned up to get relief cheques (checks) because they have lost almost everything and they asked for the checks to be written out to the fire victims because they felt they needed it more.

    One couple came out of the bush after three days, covered in ash, clothes pitted with ember burns. They turned up at a makeshift bank to cash a crisis relief cheque and the teller took a look at them and handed over her house keys for them to go and have a shower, sleep, eat whatever they wanted - basically make themselves at home.

    Offers of use of cars to whoever for months.

    Offers of houses, rooms.

    Many children opening up their piggy banks and giving their last cent to the appeal.

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    Re: OT: Victorian Bushfires - the heartwarming stories

    Real people come through in a pinch. Always good to hear.


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    Re: OT: Victorian Bushfires - the heartwarming stories

    thank you Alan for sharing that post.
    So tragic all these stories of gloom and how wonderful of that lady at the bank!

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