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Topic: CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

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    CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

    While we eagerly await the major update to the Steinway, I was wondering what happened to the special pricing of the CME triple pedal that Gary had mentioned last summer?

    Is this off the table now?

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    Re: CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

    I, too, have been wondering about this. Figured we might hear some news – yea or nay – after Gary would presumably have had a chance to talk to the CME people at the NAMM show. But since there's been no mention of this at all, I've just assumed it was not going to happen. Hope I'm wrong, but think we would have heard something by now on this topic.

    FWIW, I'm still interested – if it's still possible.

    Bob V

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    Re: CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

    Actually, I haven't heard too many people say too much good about this particular pedal. So I just bought two more Roland DP-8 pedals (now I have three) to fill out my foot needs.

    Hey, this brings to mind something ELSE I've been wanting lately. Some of my piano compositions are a little "busy" to be played in their entirety in a live situation. It would be cool to have a MIDI foot pedal (like the old Moog pedals I think, Geddy Lee in Rush uses one to trigger synth stuff while he's busy on the bass). I would like to program it to play octaves so I can play the left hand stuff with my foot while using both hands to tackle the keys.

    Anyone know what this thing is?

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    Re: CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

    Ooo, that's not really what I'm talking about. That just appears to send control data, not note information.

    I did a little looking and found this...

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    Question Re: CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

    looks like hammond m3 pedals its not comfortable to use I have used such pedals on the Hammond I think for piano I would still go for the CME even if the quality control is sub standard. Dont forget its heel toe pedals miss one and touch another well you can see the complications with piano

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    Re: CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

    I don't think you're getting what I'm after...

    I'm looking to play the bass notes that would normally be played by my left hand. I don't see how one could do that with the device you are talking about??


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    Cool Re: CME Triple Pedal "Deal"?

    opps ok

    what you mean is bass notes on top of what your doing with the keys

    that would be interesting

    the only way with the CME is using the sostenuto pedal

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