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Topic: Encouraging Words for Artists

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    Encouraging Words for Artists

    I would like to share this, my father's most recent poem, with you. We should never lose sight of our holy purpose.


    Judge the treasure of your life
    not by what others think or say
    from remote and narrow angles
    outside the circle of your light
    but value your days in the sun
    by the goodness you give
    and the beauty you bestow

    an elegant gesture and refrain
    reveal more the luster of the spirit
    that illumines a path for everyone
    who walks the dark ways of this world
    than the thrills of affluence or applause

    thrive to your own driving rhythm
    and the sinuous melody of your mind
    in the face of threatening storms
    or even amidst an illusory calm
    especially in the doldrums of despair

    dance on the pinnacle of your ideas
    to the musings of your own mentality
    for the value of the well used moment
    is worth more to you and all of us
    than any actions of the madding mob

    the world is become a paltry place
    amassed with arrogance and greed
    where the solitary wizard of art
    walks alone among the multitude
    with eyes on the horizon to sight
    hope resplendent in the morning sun
    that rouses the mind and lightens the heart

    listen to the constant bell beyond vision
    that tolls for those to find the way
    as it sounds in harmony with the wind
    so heed the summons to the sacred task
    and fix your gaze on the farthest star
    until you are the dust of your beginning


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    Re: Encouraging Words for Artists

    Sean, this really resonates with me. Thank you so much for sharing.

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    Re: Encouraging Words for Artists

    A very fine poem. Thankfully this is a NEW poem. Maybe we're not as bad off as it sometimes seems.

    It set off echoes of Arthur Machen's
    "The Hill of Dreams" in my mind.
    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.

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