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Topic: All note lengths are being set to zero

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    All note lengths are being set to zero

    Has anyone experienced this problem? When recording a take to Home Studio 6 (Windows XP system), all the recorded notes are being assigned a length of zero, regardless of how long the note was held.

    This only happens when directing the output to Steinway used as a VST plugin. The problem does not occur on other tracks which are assigned to GPO (KP2).

    The sound is fine during recording, but try and play it back and it sounds like someone dropped a foam mattress inside my nice new piano!

    Any ideas?


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    Re: All note lengths are being set to zero

    Well, I think I figured out how to fix it (although I don't understand why it wasn't working). I had Midi-OX running routed through Maple virtual midi cable to allow me to use my pitch bend as a modulation wheel. Works fine for KP2, but for some reason it was messing up the Steinway, even though I had the input set to bypass Midi-OX.

    Solution: Close down Midi-OX completely when working with the Steinway. Maybe this will help someone else.

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