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Topic: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

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    Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    Writing these periodic updates can sure be emotional. I am coming down from the high thinking that things are going to be different this time and libraries would be timelier. No matter how close I think we are there's always something. Trying to figure out release dates seems like drawing tarot cards. I even consulted with Swami the Mystical Psychic Fortune Teller (call 555-SWAMI to set up an appointment) to concoct an ancient "make-the-libraries-come-sooner" potion (made with eye of NEWT).

    But I seem to never learn. With the bittersweet (and surprisingly chicken-like) taste of defeat, I am here at the forum to state things may be a little later than expected (time to throw giant tomatos/tomatoes at me - go ahead and take your best shot at me --> http://thedunktank.com/v.php?id=d6c1...c96391c0179465

    To further the process of easing my guilt-ridden mind, I publicly confess my weakness - I suffer from NEWT Syndrome (Never Ending Wishful Thinking).

    It's a rare disease, but not fatal, and I am seeking professional help (my masseuse is a licensed NEWT therapist). Some things are long overdue and my therapist says I must admit that my problem has become unmanageable and seek your understanding. After a therapy session and recovering from the deep sense of remorse, I must collect my faculties and take a fearless inventory:

    GPO ARIA - delayed slightly "imminent" obstication

    I did write that GPO ARIA updates will be available "soon" after the NAMM show. I am not going to make excuses as to how soon “soon” is. We ran into a few minor caveats (like glitches but fancier sounding) and we made the decision to add a few features. Tom wants to add some cc manifold thruster thingy, David finds that ProTools 8 blew up an ARIA component, Jeff notices an anomaly with the sample-space continuum, and Tony complains there are no banjo samples.

    In addition to fixing a few things we are adding a spatial enhancer to ARIA, a few more sounds and scala file import. We have also made some under-the-hood optimizations to ARIA. After GPO we will bring JABB and COMB over to ARIA.

    How far are we? If I state a date I would not have learned, would I? It would be a quick and shameful relapse. I have now turned my life over to a higher time schedule.

    But I feel the urge coming on to say a time. No...don't do it Gary!

    -- - just a few more imminent weeks for the ARIA updated version --

    Darn! - back to my old habit. For this transgression I must now initiate a form of flogging myself with spaghetti while sobbing uncontrollably.

    GEM General MIDI

    After a long flogging, I realize we must not only look at the shortcomings, but look also at the successes.

    General MIDI for Reason is out and now available! Take that NEWT! So after my previous indiscretions I go and release a product that I didn't announce and broke the deadly cycle. And we'll still release it as a separate General MIDI product in ARIA once we make the necessary programming in ARIA (we never could get it to work with Kontakt).

    But a really good thing that happened with General MIDI over the past year is that much of it ended up being licensed to Microsoft for Songsmith. This was an opportunity too good to pass up.

    NEWT syndrome under control so far! Feelin' good.


    The Basic Edition is available! You can download it now. BOOYAH! Did it again - Delivered something! I am not a complete reprobate.

    Jeff is working on the Standard and Pro updates and I will pass the buck and let him say when it will be ready.

    A couple of weeks ago we recorded a new Steinway at Skywalker Studios. It was an incredible experience and we posted about it here. Skywalker Studios was refreshing and had a NEWT rehabilitation clinic on premises (an ulterior reason for going).

    I am not giving dates for the newly recorded Steinway (victory over NEWT again!)

    ARIA Partners

    ARIA development has been a bright spot during my bout with NEWT syndrome. See my previous update post about it here.

    I have come to believe that higher powers can help and we partnered with those powers. We provided ARIA to MakeMusic for Finale 2009, to SONY for Acid Pro, to AKAI for the EWI USB and to Microsoft for Songsmith. We'll have more partnerships during the coming year.

    These partnerships not only helped us with the ARIA player, but will help provide revenue to help us weather the great depression/panic/riots that the media is saying is upon us.

    ARIA is the future for us and opens up new territories.

    World Instruments

    We're on track for the World Instruments library and all is going well. This is shaping up to be one of my favorite libraries. There are so many instrumental colors and textures. It's nice taking a musical journey around the world but remain in the comfort of my studio with my woolly leggings and eating NEWT-ricious ethnic delicacies.

    We are looking for a release within the next couple of months. Wait...I didn't mean to say that and I take it back (NEWT syndrome again). It will be ready when it is ready.


    It's sounding great but some issues we are working out. Some tough decisions we may need to face such as not giving all the features we had hoped to get it out on time. We're still looking at springtime.

    Did it again and I contemplate flogging again or flinging myself out the window into the garden fertilizer below. But… you know what? This is, like, getting super-dumb again. My customers just want to buy my products. So just finish...focus...finish...


    The organ was announced last year and then took a back seat to ARIA development. We're well along the way and this should be easy to finish up. We may make different downloadable organs available which will sooner than a boxed product.

    Like all the best conquerors I will ignore my battle defeats and move on to win the war [insert big triumphant organ chord here].


    Another library back-burnered and giving me the blues. I am going to make this choir library sing my woes. It will be optimized for blues - "woke up this morning...with NEWT in my head....got no choir library done...may be better off dead." It aint ready until the fat lady sings.

    There's a bit of programming work to get this lyrical (literally) and it will be a little while yet. We'll focus out attention on choir as soon as we break past the log jams. (I did it! Not even a scintilla of a date).


    I needed to make priorities and ARIA development has been paramount. This had to come first and that is the main reason for the delays.

    As always, things remain flexible. Sometimes events happen and we need to change course and direction. During these uncertain times it is good to be flexible.

    For those of you who enjoyed seeing me go through this mental torment, feel free to throw a tomatoes and dunk me (see above). Savor the moment and say what you will. Because in the far future after I am long gone, and apes, newts and nanobots have taken over the earth, these sample libraries will live on.

    And also revel in the fact that I have saved you money during these tough economic times. If all these libraries were out, think of how much you would have had to spend. It was all part of a concealed "musicians savings plan" with a secondary effect of altering the timeline to prevent a nanobot-newt-ape super race.

    We have gone through quite a lot together and hope we have grown from it. I opened up to you and disclosed my shortcomings with NEWT. I am still learning from mistakes, and, in a touching twist, you learned to forgive. If James Earl Jones were here to narrate this saga there would hardly be a dry eye in the forum.

    My campaign to overcome NEWT syndrome is succeeding with your help. Today was a wonderful victory. To celebrate we'll come out with the Garritan banjo library today! (performed by Newts of course )

    Best always,


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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    No hurry Gary, I'm broke so you can take your time.
    Producer ~ Sound Engineer ~ Musician


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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    Thanks for the update Gary.


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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    I once had a pet newt. It just sat under its rock for months at a time.

    I wasn't going for any subtle allegory, there, Gary.

    Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update


    I just couldn't wait any longer so I just sent for QVC's Lawrence Welk classic instrument sample library.

    You get a free bubble machine and a life size poster of the Lennon Sisters.

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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update


    I didn't even know you were late on anything until you
    brought all this up.

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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    Sorry, who is this Gary? Is he a member here?....

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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    Well, thank you, Gary, for the admirable clarity and unequivocal pronouncement of your goals. I shall now sleep so much better tonight!


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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    Thanks Gary for the candour.

    Good luck at getting your product goals met.

    And remember: feature creep is a developer's worst enemy.

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    Re: Updated up date to the Downdate of the Updated Update

    Haha, that was fun to read... I hope you get better soon. It can be hard times, but:

    May the Sample be with you.

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