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Topic: Video - Celebrating 50 Years of Ordination

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    Smile Video - Celebrating 50 Years of Ordination

    Hello -

    This is a video that my father and I created last year (summer of 2008) that celebrates my father's 50th Anniversary as an ordained Episcopal Priest. Actually, this year, 2009, marks his 50th year as a priest. Our goal was to create this video for our family and friends.

    For the past several years, my father and I got together to shoot some video at various locations throughout the country. We call ourselves the Dad and Lad Video Productions. LOL! We simply have fun spending time together gathering video and photo shots of whatever and then putting it all together to create a DVD of our ventures. I must say that I cherish our time together.

    This particular video is in Quicktime format and is about 10 minutes long. It's about 24 MB's in size, so you'll probably need a DSL line or better to view it.

    The music, of course is using 100% Garritan products! Apple's Final Cut Studio was used to edit the videos and Apple's Logic Pro 8 was used to "score" the film.

    It ain't going to win any Oscar awards! It's basically a "family album" in video format, so it probably won't be all that interesting. So, it is what it is. But I had a LOT of fun creating this video with my father.

    Anyway. . . here's the video celebrating 50 years of my father being an ordained Episcopal Priest. He's brought a lot of spiritual peace and happiness to a lot of people's lives. I'm very proud of my pop! I look forward to our next "Dad and Lad" venture together.

    The video (Quicktime format): http://www.toolivenurse.com/video/50...nniversary.mov

    Peace. . .

    Music and humor are healthy for the soul.

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    Re: Video - Celebrating 50 Years of Ordination

    Good for you Ted! I enjoyed your video and music on several levels. It's great that you and your father can do these productions and just spend the time together. The flute and piano combination was lovely and sounded just right for the video. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope the Dad and Lad team can go on and on. John

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    Re: Video - Celebrating 50 Years of Ordination

    Well I can't figure out what's wrong, Ted, but I've tried opening the video in every way I can think of - nothing's working. I'm on a PC, but have Quick Time - still no go. I really enjoyed the previous father/son video I saw of yours, so was hoping to see this one!


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    Re: Video - Celebrating 50 Years of Ordination

    That was a wonderful video to honor your father. The music was perfect.

    It's interesting that you and your brother both eventually went into nursing. Your father tended to the spiritual needs of people and you and your brother tend to their medical needs but that also includes a certain amount of emotional support.

    I got to know our retired Episcopal Church minister and his wife. Our community choir practiced there in a pinch last fall. I know the Episcopal church is very arts and music oriented. A real asset to the community.

    I'm happy that your father has again found someone to share his life with.


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