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Topic: too much dynamic range?

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    too much dynamic range?

    Dear fellow musicians,

    I've just installed and expermiented with SampleTekks Black Grand and, apart from I like it very much so far, I've got the somewhat familiar impression that there was an unnatural amount of dynamic rage.

    When I'm sitting at a real piano, I can still hear the most gentle notes in full detail. However, when I adjust the volume settings of my digital piano so that I can hear keys at velocity 1, say, 2, in full detail, then most certainly, velocity 127 will be over the top.

    is this just my subjective impression? What's wrong?

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    Re: too much dynamic range?

    I think it's just the way samplers translate velocity to output volume. I'm not sure if you can scale the output volume (not hard to modify in a synth).. are you one kontakt 2?

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    Re: too much dynamic range?

    I think I found a good solution: in Kontakt2, there is a "velocity" modulator in the amplifier section which is preset to slightly above 80%. At 70%, my problem is gone (I am using ambient perspective, preset Nr. 2).

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