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Topic: Tonehammer releases: Cylindrum

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    Tonehammer releases: Cylindrum

    Tonehammer has released: "Cylindrum"

    We spent over two years on figuring out how to build- and record the Cylindrum, since there is a rather complicated set of mathematics behind the tuning of cylindrical pipes.The Cylindrum is a massive custom built tuned percussion instrument ranging over 4 octaves, so a percussionists dream come true with over 3,600 samples.

    The Cylindrum contains three separate variations of the instrument (light, dry and wet). The light version is made from a series of 1.5 inch PVC pipes played by tapping fingers over one end, while microphones were positioned in the opposite end. The dry version was made a series of 4 inch ADS corrugated tubes with an open-ended rubber head played with a paddle. The wet version was recorded in our signature hall and has more overtones- and percussive feel then the dry and light versions - resulting in a sort of tuned tom-tom sound.

    Pricing & Availability: Cylindrum is available for download now and has a MSRP of $45.

    Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4+/3 full! retail version required.

    Go to http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=1416 for more information and a bunch demos with- and without additional instruments.

    Cylindrum Demo 1 by Troels Folmann


    Cylindrum Demo 2 by Gregg Stephens


    Cylindrum Demo 3 by Troels Folmann


    Love - Tonehammer

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    Re: Tonehammer releases: Cylindrum

    A very cool sound!
    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: Tonehammer releases: Cylindrum

    You Guys do great things!
    Love your Toms and Bamboo stuff

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    Re: Tonehammer releases: Cylindrum

    Well you've saved me a tonne of work.
    After using boomwhackers for a long time, and knowing the cool 'twang' you get by hitting them end-on, I was about to buy a tonne of PVC pipes and build a huge instrument, to be played with table tennis paddles, so that a soloist could play a more virtusosic part. I've no idea where I was going to store it...

    Now I don't need to. This will do very nicely!!

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