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Topic: Offering orchestral transcription services

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    Offering orchestral transcription services

    Hi folks. My name is Pedrito López, and I am a full-time professional musician (pianist, musical director, conductor, orchestrator) from 30 years ago in Venezuela. Among all my current duties, I work as an arranger-for-hire for several major symphony orchestras in my country. I currently use both GPO and JABB in a daily basis as tools of my trade.

    As I am a self-taught orchestrator, beside studying from many excellent books available, I have learned a lot of this craft by making my own transcriptions of orchestral material, ranging from classics to avant-garde music, and this has helped me to develop a good ear for delivering very accurate full orchestral transcriptions.

    I would like to expand my professional horizon, so I am currently building a website to show my works and offer my services, specially transcribing out-of print or hard-to-find music, as I believe that few people are doing now this kind of musical work, beside of the fact that my fees are very competitive.

    If anyone of you (or anyone you know) would be interested in having a look of samples of my orchestral transcriptions (or my own compositions and arrangements), please drop me an email to pedritolopezmusica@gmail.com and I will gladly send you some of them, in Sibelius 5 or PDF format.

    Saludos desde Caracas
    Pedrito López
    Pc, AMD Sempron 2800, 2 Gb RAM, Protools Le (7.3), Sibelius 5.25, GPO, JABB

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    Re: Offering orchestral transcription services

    Hi Pedrito,

    If you are able to post examples of mp3's or wav files, you'll probably get an even better response.

    Bst wishes

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    Re: Offering orchestral transcription services

    Hi Gregory: Many thanks for your suggestion about posting audio examples. I will follow it ASAP. Thanks again.
    Pedrito López
    Pc, AMD Sempron 2800, 2 Gb RAM, Protools Le (7.3), Sibelius 5.25, GPO, JABB

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