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Topic: Spectrasonics Authorizations disappear

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    Exclamation Spectrasonics Authorizations disappear

    After cloning a new Mac using the Migration tool, my authorizations disappear. I have a home system, and a work system at a different location. Using Stylus RMX or Omniphere at one location invalidates the authorization at the other location. I've deleted the preference files in hopes of a fresh start. I am using leopard on current Macs. Specrasonics does not know the reason yet.

    Thanks for any help out there.

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    Re: Spectrasonics Authorizations disappear

    First of all I would only use Carbon Copy Cloner to clone a hard drive not
    the Apple Migration tool. Either way it doesn't make any difference, just
    reauthorize plugs with new challenge and response. Using CCC Stylus RMX
    never needs to be reauthorized but all the the others do for some reason.

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