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Topic: GOS wins award

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    GOS wins award

    Just noticed that Garritan strings has won Electronic Musician\'s \'Best Sample library Award\'. (wish I could afford it... sniff)

    The reviewers said they tested over 70 libraries and GOS \'blew away\' the competition (please, please release a mini version with core sounds for us poor people).

    And for \'King\'(who\'s patiently waiting for his Ztar): the Ztar won best \'non-keyboard\' midi controller.

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    Re: GOS wins award

    Yah I saw that Z6. I actually E-mailed Harvey and gave him a congrats

    He says about 6 more weeks....yay

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: GOS wins award


    >The reviewers said they tested over 70
    >libraries and GOS \'blew away\' the
    >competition (please, please release a mini >version with core sounds for us poor
    I had the same thoughts as you.
    I wish there was a mini version too.

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    Re: GOS wins award

    A mini version of GOS will not blow you away as the full version does! Too many compromises will have to be made.

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    Re: GOS wins award

    BUT!! it will still be the best choice for strings in a lower price range. Even at around half the price a MINI version of GOS is better, IMO, than AO strings or Ultimate Strings.

    Still the full version is the way to go by far!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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