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Topic: Aria versus Kontakt Player 2

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    Aria versus Kontakt Player 2

    Hi all,

    I thought it would be fun to generate a discussion of the difference or similarity of the two engines in Finale '09 that can realize a piece of music using the Garritan samples. Here are two versions of a piece I wrote for my wife right after I met her 6 years ago (boy, it's hard to believe 6 years have gone by but anyway...)

    One was realized through Finale '09 using the Kontakt Player 2 and one was realized with the Aria engine available inFinale '09. The only difference is the solo instrument - one is a flugal and one is a trumpet.

    Listen and see if you can detect difference or similarities. Reverb was created with convolution in the KP2 version and with the Ambience reverb in the Aria engine.

    You Are In My Life 1

    You Are In My Life 2

    Have fun and enjoy.

    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: Aria versus Kontakt Player 2

    Hi Bill, OK, I'll bite.....I can hear things in version 2 that I don't hear in the first one. It also sounds a bit deeper or rounded to me. One instrument that stands out on my system is the tambourine in version 2. John

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    Re: Aria versus Kontakt Player 2

    Hi, Bill - Well now, this is an interesting post.

    I think it's really not possible to compare these tracks in terms of "Aria versus KP2"--because you've used a different lead instrument, the mix is different, and you've used different kinds of reverb.

    I much preferred the original KP2 recording - the percussion was more upfront and distinct, and the Flugelhorn makes for a more pleasant lead to hear on a ballad like this. The reverb sounded better - it should since you mentioned it was a convolution I.R. you used.

    So - see what I mean? The two audio engines are just conduits for what we do with our instrumentation and mixes. With exactly the same factors playing through each of them, I don't think we should or would notice any differences.

    But this brings up my question - you're saying that it's only the Ambience plugin which is available in Aria?--like in the Steinway's Aria which I have.

    Well, those of us using audio/MIDI programs like Sonar tend to bypass the effects available in KP2, using whatever we want, but I understand that in a notation program users need to be using the extra features like that in the audio engine.

    SO - not sure if this really demonstrates anything except the different mixes you came up with. - ?

    SUre enjoyed the music though, by the way!

    Randy B.

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    Re: Aria versus Kontakt Player 2


    My my ears and my taste dictate that the #2 version is more to my liking.
    I trust your wife feels very special and doesn't care which one people like.
    Either one well serves your effort.


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    Re: Aria versus Kontakt Player 2

    Agree with Randy.

    If you want to do a comparison, use the same instruments, same mix levels, and same reverb. How else can you compare the Aria and Kontakt engines. Too many other variables to attribute any differences to the playback engine.

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