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Topic: Omni hard crashing my system

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    Omni hard crashing my system

    I just got a new system (quad 2.5 with 4 Gigs with Vista Ultimate - ironic name). I'm running Tracktion 3 with a Tascam US-122. I know this is a basic setup, but everything was flying with Atmosphere and RMX. Now I put in 1 instance of Omni with no plugins and it pops up with a Runtime error saying something about Omnisphere telling Tracktion to shut down. Then it hard crashes the entire system. I tried to capture a screenie, but alas... it crashed my system before I could do anything. I tried several configurations, but after 5 crashes, I'm now frightened to use OImnisphere.

    What can I do? I want to try some other configurations and play with the settings a bit, but my hard drive is turning into swiss cheese here. I followed the tweaking guides put out by Sweetwater, stripped the system of all of the visual effects and tweaked the memory/virtual memory settings... and still: crashes. I get to go through the catalog of sounds a bit, playing a few of the patches, then BOOM! Runtime error... something something... black.

    I was able to get 3 instances at one point, but it has crashed on 1. Any ideas on what I can do without exposing my new system to this kind of brutality? I mean, the sounds really are kick-arsch. I just bought this synth and I'd like to be able to use it on my new rig. =(

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    sorry to here that you and many many others are experiencing what i thought was just something wrong with my computer I've had to install onto an upgraded faster machine the same as yours and running vista, i,m sorry to say we are all getting the same problems, the tech guy at spectrasonics does not seem clued up as to whats happening and just gives hit and miss advice, but has never solved any of my omni problems, after downloading the latest updates I'm now left with just a lifeless interface with not a single patch I've looked on many sites and found many people in the same boat, sorry to be so negative but i just feel very disappointed and i suppose you do, in a quandary as to what to do

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    Well the guy at spectrasonics seems nice from all the posts I've read, but the fact that there were a lot of posts all over the web pretty much tells the story. I want to think that the problem may be the way they've secured the file (opting for a 50GB file instead of 50GB worth of individual sound sources), but I may be wrong.

    If my system can't run it, then I don't think many other systems will. Mine is about as fresh of an install as you can get. And although it's no monster, it's certainly more than most engineers have (at least amongst my friends). LIke I said, it kicks with the prior versions. I've gotten 20+ stereo tracks of Atmosphere and RMX with about 5 plugins per track on top of that before I have to start freezing the tracks to conserve memory.

    The fact that I couln't even really browse the library on a cold, dry track frightens me. Never-the-less, I've been a registered user of all of their instruments for nearly 5 years now and I'm holding out that they'll come up with something fast... just please make it fast! =)

    Any ideas are more than welcome... thanks in advance!

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    A crash due to Omnisphere is an extremely rare event. The vast majority of the many thousands of Omnisphere users are using it successfully.

    If you are getting crashes with any plugin, not just Omnisphere, the first thing I would suspect is running out of memory. See the "memory issues" FAQ at support.spectrasonics.net for ways to avoid that. If you still need help, contact Spectrasonics tech support and they'll help you diagnose the problem.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    Yeah, that's the problem. I can get like 20 instances of Atmosphere and RMX with like up to 5 plugins for each track on top of that. Yet, the moment I launch and browse one dry instance Omnisphere (no other plugins, etc.) ... crash. =\

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    Quote Originally Posted by GlennO View Post
    A crash due to Omnisphere is an extremely rare event.
    - Glenn
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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    Humm, so what about the many people including me where Omni runs real good. Just wandering what it is we are doing right. Not looking to pick a fight here, would rather help than anything. I'm starting to think registry corruption for some reason, even on fresh O/S install. From what we read here on this forum concerning Omni, there seems to be corruption happening on Omni install since your other applications run well on your given system. But on another note, thats not Omni's fault. I seen this many times me cursing the software when it was my systems fault, we can't always see whats happening deep deep inside can we. Do you think, maybe?. Good luck.

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    If you are getting crashes with any plugin, not just Omnisphere, the first thing I would suspect is running out of memory.
    It doesn't sound like a memory issue since he said he can run 20 tracks of Atmosphere and RMX with plugins.
    I would uninstall Omni and install it again.

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    Yeah, I'm remaining optimistic. I just want to make sure that in the process of troubleshooting, that I don't destroy my computer. The registry corruption seems possible. That's the first I've heard of it. I'm going to try the reinstall and see if that works. Thanks for the ideas thus far...

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    Re: Omni hard crashing my system

    In Omni's defence, I'm running a dedicated pc with VStack on an old P4 2.8 with 2gb. I've got Ivory and Kontakt running with Omni and I can load a few sounds in Omni depending on what resources the sound uses. On my Cubase machine (same pc specs) if I load Omni and RMX only, I run out of memory even if only a few sounds are loaded.

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