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Topic: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

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    Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    Since there's been a few brass and sax libraries being announced recently, I thought I'd throw this piece for sax, bass, and drums into the mix for comparisons (if anyone is interested).


    You probably know the libraries, but I'll give you time to figure it.

    The piece is neither free nor mainstream jazz.

    Please give it a listen and let me know your thoughts.


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    Re: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    I have no idea what libraries you're using and I can hear that it is neither mainsteam nor free, but what you've done is incredible.
    I don't think that can be done in a notation program so my guess is a sequencer, but I have no idea how you do that. Simply incredible.

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    Re: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    sittting at the blue note .....elvin jones on drums . who is on SAX...a few claps at end would have made this as real as it gets...........................................wow

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    Re: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    I'm guessing it's all Vienna. Sounds pretty good!
    Greg Schlaepfer
    Orange Tree Samples
    Ultra-realistic sample libraries for Kontakt

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    Re: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    Nice programming!

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    Re: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    Thanks Bob. I'm glad you liked it. I sequenced it with Home Studio (no notation program).

    Thanks voxosoxo. Elvin on drums! Well, I wish!

    gregjazz. You guessed right. I am assuming it is an educated guess and not a shot in the dark. The bass is the jazz bass download and the drums were the bonus for purchasing Vienna Suite.

    Thanks Meyo.


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    Re: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    Great piece! The legato sounds excellent. Strangely, the longer held notes sounded more like samples than the fast runs. That's backwards for samples!

    The only moment where the illusion of real players broke was the re-entry after the drum solo. First the solo was over too quickly, and second it was like somebody pushed a button to go back to the song. With real players, the entry is a little sloppier, and the energy of the drum solo somehow lingers for a bar or two.

    I really love your choice of reverb. You can almost smell the smoke and whiskey!

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    Re: Saxophone, bass, and drums demo

    Thanks Jon. Glad you gave it a good listen. I am amazed by the flexibility of the legato samples.

    Perhaps I should have made a few tempo undulations during the drum fill. That might have made it more convincing.

    By the way, I used Altiverb for the verb. I think it was a sound stage setting.


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