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Topic: Help with Omnisphere patch

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    Help with Omnisphere patch

    So, I'm kinda a complete newbie when it comes to the guts of Omnisphere. I'm hoping someone (maybe even from Spectrasonics :-) can help me out on this one. I really want to use the patch Deep Pick for a section in a score and I'm wondering how I can adjust the timing of the 2nd part of that patch. Basically, you've got the initial impact sound (deep piano pick - A) and then the 2nd part (B-52 Bombers - B) come in later. What I need is to slow down the tempo of the B-52 bombers part so it comes in later and is slower. Does that make any sense? I'm trying to use this to build some suspense and I think it would be perfect if I just knew how to slow it down. Any ideas?

    I know this is random so thanks for the help.

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    Re: Help with Omnisphere patch

    Anyone?? Please...

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    Re: Help with Omnisphere patch

    Did you look at the attack time on the second patch?
    That would be my first guess.

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    Re: Help with Omnisphere patch

    Adjust the Attack time of the second layer using the drop down menu below the pan sliders. (Main Controls page)

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