Hi, I’ve had this problem before with Gigastudio 3 but I’m now using GVI as a plug-in through Sonar on a laptop and it’s becoming a lot more prevalent, so I was hoping one of you smart folks out there may know what the deal is.

About half of the gig files that I place in midi channels in GVI are getting switched out and replaced by a gig file from another channel once I hit play. For instance, I’ll have gigapiano in channel one and a bass guitar in channel two, and when I hit play, the bass guitar will instantly change to gigapiano. The only way I can seem to get bass guitar to “stick” so to speak is to unload gigapiano completely, load the bass guitar and then reload gigapiano. Then it sticks for a bit, and then later starts switching out again.

Another issue I’m having that seems to be related, is that some of the gig files that I load won’t play, as in they don’t seem to be accepting midi messages. If you hit a key on the virtual keyboard or try to play a midi track to it, the yellow light to the right of the file name that indicates that the channel is receiving midi data won’t even light up. The reason why I think this might be related to the other problem is that this sometimes happens to a file that previously played fine, but then got “switched out” and I tried to force it to stick using the process I mentioned above, but instead of getting switched out, it now no longer receives midi signals. Other times, the files just won’t receive midi signals from the get go.

Any idea what’s going on here?