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Topic: Distortion (hissing) Sound with Strings

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    Distortion (hissing) Sound with Strings

    Hi. I'm a newbie with GPO. Actually I have Garritan Pocket Orchestra that comes bundled with Sonar Pro/Dimension Pro.

    Anyway, I've noticed a hissing distortion with all strings. It's particularly noticeable with solo violin, but can be heard on my system will all strings. The greater the velocity, the greater the "hiss".

    Any suggestions on how to overcome this? Am I doing something wrong?

    I want to purchase GPO 4 when it's available for download, but want to get this issue figured out first.

    Thanks very much,


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    Re: Distortion (hissing) Sound with Strings

    I have noticed sounds similar to what you describe as well. But usually when I have the velocity on the notes for strings set too high. Velocity in GPO gives you attack sounds and the higher the velocity the hard the attack on the string is. You will probably want to play with the velocities of the notes to find what sounds best for each instrument at each dynamic level.

    Just a thought and maybe it helps!
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    Re: Distortion (hissing) Sound with Strings

    Thanks Rich. Dialed down velosity and that did the trick.

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