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Topic: Sample Logic releases free TryPack!

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    Sample Logic releases free TryPack!

    Hi Northern Sounders,
    Great News!
    We are very proud to introduce a free 500 MB direct download kontakt sample library. TryPack consists of a small collection of over 30 kontakt instruments from our three award-winning products: AIR, Elements, and Synergy. This free pack of cutting edge sounds truly blurs the line between music and sound design, a must-have addition for musicians, producers, and composers alike. The 30 instruments within TryPack deliver a wide range of sounds from ambient soundscapes and cinematic impacts, to Hip Hop inspired vocals and worldly tempo-synced rhythms. TryPack is a small taste of what our 3 products AIR, Elements, and Synergy are all about.

    Get your fix at: http://www.samplelogic.com/index-2.html

    So you know: THis is a kontakt based sample library, which requires kontakt 2, or 3.

    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    Re: Sample Logic releases free TryPack!

    Thanks Joe! I'm downloading now. I own AIR but am so broke right now, I cant afford to buy any new toys this year. News of this little freebee lit up my face this morning. Thanks so much!


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    Re: Sample Logic releases free TryPack!

    Thanks Joe, I have downloaded and looked at the patches and some are nice, however I must admit that I'm confused about the difference in between the 3 instruments. Will it not make more sense to sell your patches as download pack, like Ambience 1, 2, ... Impact 1, 2, ... Anyway, in my case I will be more interested in smaller focus download pack instead large library...

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