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Topic: DOubt in Sample SOund...

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    DOubt in Sample SOund...

    Hello, everyone!
    I\'ve just found this forum & I\'m newbie to sample. Since I\'m a brass lover, I like to use brass in making music. However, the brass sounds in synth/module are usually not acceptable. I hear that many sample libraries can imitate the sound of the \"real\" instruments. I intend to purchase some brass libraries to make the brass sound good. I find in this forum people are discussing QLB, DDSB these brass libraries. I just want to ask whether they are good brass libraries or not before I buy them.
    Also, I have a question that is can I use these brass libraries to make the sound like this: ceremony.mp3. Since I found that synths cannot make such brass sound. Can samples sound like it? Could anyone help me to make clear of the question? I\'m sorry that you guys may find they are easy questions to all of you. But I\'m newbie so I don\'t know everything about sample.
    Thank you very much.

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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    Hi Yarelon,

    You really have to search and browse this forum. Brass libraries are a frequent topic, with indeed QLB and DDSB competing for no. 1. The brass in Advanced Orchestra is not very good (maybe except for the P solo trumpet). I have not yet used XSample Vol III(www.xsample.de) but the demos sound IMO like Adv Orchestra. Dan\'s instruments can be purchaded ony-by-one, which is another plus.

    Mixing DD and QLB, I believe, is seen by most as the best virtual brass section.

    There may be some new contenders this year, so really check out previous posts.

    BTW: familiar tune... I wonder...

    Sample libraries will get you a LOT closer to this sound than synths, but I\'m afraid you will never get close enough.

    I recently posted a short demo on my website www.xs4all.nl/~deltaw

    Welcome aboard!


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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...


    You have not told us what kind of music you write. If you\'re into the symphonic, film score, game orchestral kinds of things, the review by Thomas above is right on the money.

    If you are trying to write pop, or big band, or jazz in general, none of the current libraries seem to be relevant-they\'re all orchestral by nature. There is a subset of QLB called \'Pop Brass\' from ProSamples, but this is also missing most of the requirements for truly Pop brass (unless you mean the Boston Pops...)

    There are several of us here on the list waiting for someone to address this issue. Some of the current Brass libraries are very, very good for orchestra, but that\'s a totally different sound and dynamic.


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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    I\'m sorry but there\'s no way you\'ll get that hollywood sound in brass samples with todays libraries. None of the existing libraries feature FFF dynamics in groupings of 3 or more instruments. (Only one solo library features FFF patches; Dan Dean\'s Solo Brass)

    The options you have are:

    Peter Siedlaczek\'s Advanced Orchestra, Brass:
    Nice and crispy sound. Unfortunately it\'s too close miced and lacks a lot of brassy bite.

    (It\'s the official Advanced Orchestra demo)
    I urge you to listen to Maarten Spruijt\'s work with Advanced Orchestra on: http://www.maartenspruijt.com/

    Miroslav Vitous Brass:

    Better than Peter Siedlaczek\'s brass but still not usuable for those heroic brass passages like in that star wars clip. It is recorded at a certain distance in an orchestra hall, making it much better sounding. Unfortunately you won\'t find FFF dynamics here either. The loudest sample is FF which doesn\'t really sound like FF, more like F. It is a crying shame, really.

    You can find some demos of this library on www.ilio.com

    Quantum Leap Brass: I do not own this library, but I\'ve heard loads of demos with it and it sounds like it has some of the same problems as the ones above. It sounds too close-miced and too static. I\'ve heard some good results with a blend of QLB and Dan Dean Solo Brass. The horns are very weak on this set IMO.

    Listen to Nick Phoenix\' demo on: http://www.soundsonline.com/sophtml/details.phtml?sku=QLBGS

    Dan Deans Solo Brass:
    I do not own this library either, but from the demos I\'ve heard, it is a step in the right direction. It\'s a solo library, so you won\'t get that wonderful sound of 3 trumpets in unison, or 4 horns in unison. It is great for layering with other libraries it seems.

    Listen to Dan Dean\'s demos at: http://www.dandeanpro.com

    I know Maarten Spruijt is working on a brass library. I\'m not too sure if its still going to be released, though.

    I too was so frustrated over the lack of decent brass samples, so I set out to record my own samples. They are however not available to the public.
    You can listen to what they sound like (for comparison to the others) on: http://home.online.no/~finjaco/

    I know there are several other libraries in the making, including a complete symphony orchestra recording project in Seattle. There\'s also a brass library coming up from A swedish team. (I\'m not too sure about this one though)

    There are also some X-Sample brass discs:

    Hope this helps and good luck!


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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    Hello Thomas,

    You\'ve told us before that you can\'t release yor brass samples (it sounds sooo good...), but what about the orchestra noise samples on mysteries of the mind? I still find that a very intriguing effect.

    Thanks again for your great music samples / sample music!

    BTW: how is your project going? You had some commisioned work?



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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    Hehe the noise effect is indeed an interesting experiment. It is not very hard to make. Just find a recording of any live orchestra playing any kind of symphony/concert. Especially old Bernstein recordings (the conductor) feature many minutes of silence in between movements and various pieces of concert work. I suggest you go to the library and borrow old the live recordings (With audience) you find. Browse through them and rip whatever you find useful. (The hall noise is NOT copyrighted, heh heh I didn\'t sample much (because I really didn\'t think it\'d be of any use) so a library consisting of 50mb of hall noise wouldn\'t sell very well. There\'s simply not a market for it.
    The best I can do is to share the technique with you guys, and you can explore the possibilities yourself.


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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    cool tip, never thought of this simple approach (although I am already systematically ripping all classical CD\'s in our local libary...)!


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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    Thank you very much!!

    You guys really help me a lots! I should have a clear \"concept\" about these samples. Thanks for telling me tips and posting the link for demo listening. I agree that these brass sounds in the demos are much more better than my synth\'s brass!

    Actually, I write pop in general. But I really like these orchestral brass sounds so I attempt to write orchestral scores. However, I really can\'t find a convincing brass sounds. After listening to these demos, I think the sample brass are much more closer to the brass sound I want. However, I should wait until these is a brass library can really imitate these nice brassy sounds.

    Anyway, thank you for helping :-)

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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    Pop/jazz/rock brass really is played differently from classical (ask my college orchestra conductor when I tried to play big-band trumpet in the classical orchestra!)

    The orchestral brass sample libraries will be WAY closer to real-sounding horns than synth samples, generally, but the articulations and phrasing processes are quite different.

    I\'d suggest perhaps getting one of the better libraries and trying to build articulations and control interfaces to maximize the usability. (And then post the ART files for other users! )

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    Re: DOubt in Sample SOund...

    Oh, Thomas your own brass samples is so cool especially the trombone parts (this sound is what I want)!

    It seems that the sound of the trumpets in that starwars music is really hard to get. Can we probably \"obtain\" this sound in the future sample world? (I\'m a beginner so I don\'t know anything about this)

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