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Topic: Kontakt 2 player crashes Nuendo 3

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    Kontakt 2 player crashes Nuendo 3

    Hello. About a year ago, I bought the Gofriller Cello with the NI Kontakt player 2 and used it for a few months on my old 3.2.ghz P4 machine, with nuendo 3 on windows xp sp2. I built a new pc using windows xp 64 bit and reactivated kontakt with NI, and now it crashes nuendo when I try to load it in as a vsti. Nuendo shows it in its virtual inst list, and in plugin info evrything looks to be in order, but it will not load the player at all, it just crashes. The player works fine in stand alone mode, loads the library and all, just not within nuendo. Has anyone had this problem? Could it be xp 64? Thanks for any and all help. (NI doesn't help) Thanks, Thomas Reid

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player crashes Nuendo 3

    Actually thru reading some of the threads on this forum I fixed it by downloading the latest Kontakt update, even though the update didn't say it was covering problems like mine. Go figure. Thanks to all you unknown people who's threads I read that pointed me in the right direction. Cheers, Thomas

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    Re: Kontakt 2 player crashes Nuendo 3

    Hi, thr productions - I'm only just now seeing your short thread. Good deal that you fixed the problem with a KP2 upgrade. What you've posted here could help out other people. Have fun making music again!

    Randy B.

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