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Topic: Best Midi Controller

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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    And in my mind, neither is an adequate MIDI controller. Virtually zero features beyond the basic piano keyboard (the board feels pretty good, but that\'s important only if you are mostly playing \'piano.\' If you want a good Giga controller, or general MIDI-capable device, that\'s not the one.

    My personal recommendation, because of the number of possible MIDI actions, is the Kuraweil 2500 or 2600 (preferably 2600, because it has a lot of built-in features and user expandability.)

    There are 2 ribbon controllers, the small controller next to the mod/pitch wheels makes a great vibrato articulation device - it\'s also pressure sensitive, so one finger can control two articulations.

    Eight programmable sliders, breath controller input, 4 footswitches, 2 continuous foot controllers (the one lack, IMO.) A couple of hand-operated switches, and a great, if terribly complicated, synth AND sample playback capability.

    They\'re expensive, but still a monster controller.


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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    Roland XV88 is my choice. Extensive midi capabilities and lovely touch...

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    Best Midi Controller

    Apologies if this is the wrong area to post this message, but it does kind of follow on from the piano thread earlier.

    I\'m about to buy either the Studio Logic SL880 or Oberheim MC1000 88 Key weighted master keyboard. Both come with 8 velocity curves. Is there anything else that I need to know regarding a MIDI controller for piano?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    I think this is a very good question, even if asked again. I am also planning to get a good master keyboard and wanted to check this on the forum as well. BTW: I believe StudioLogic is also sold with brand name Fatar. Am I correct, Masters of the Keyboard?

    John Grant, are you reading this? I liked your Bach stuff on MP3.com. What\'s your keyboard?

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    Re: Best Midi Controller


    Fatar and Studiologic are indeed one and the same.

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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    My choice for absolute best piano action is the Kawai MP9000. It\'s not the best for a gazillion midi controller options like the Kurzweils, but no where near as expensive either. For the piano action, in my opinion, you cannot beat it.

    I tried Fatar for a while, really got a sore wrist on that thing. The Kawai has an easy touch, but the right response for piano action, whilst also easy for synth sounds etc. The keys really respond to your touch: They give you a feedback of sorts, like a real piano. I needed a keyboard I could play for up to 16 hours a day and not get tired but provide excellent piano action. This is the one for me.

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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by sjduck:

    I\'m about to buy either the Studio Logic SL880 or Oberheim MC1000 88 Key weighted master keyboard. Both come with 8 velocity curves. Is there anything else that I need to know regarding a MIDI controller for piano?

    Many thanks,

    Hi Stephen,

    I have used a Fatar/Studiologic SL880 for three years, and it has been a very good controller. As has been mentioned, it does not have extensive MIDI Continuous Controller output like other more expensive units, but it has a nice action and is durable. I have several different controllers, and I don\'t mind the basic pitch/mod wheel layout of the 880. If I\'m doing a lot of MIDI realtime CC work, then I\'m probably not wanting weighted keys, anyway, so I\'m not seeing this as a very strong argument against the keyboard. For sampled piano work, it is, in fact, one of the nicer feeling keyboards I\'ve used. Of course, it doesn\'t feel like a concert grand, but it does have a \"feel,\" which you can learn to manipulate very accurately. It has a rather long key travel, which I personally like. I find it very easy to control pianissimo on the 880--easier, in fact, than the much more expensive Roland A80 that I used for years and years.

    I would suggest that you might be very well off with the SL880, and if you need more extensive controller options later, buy a dedicated unit to handle those. Several new-generation units of this type are in development.

    Last thing--don\'t pay full price for the 880. You can get it quite cheaply if you shop around. Also, Guitar Center is having a blowout on the 1100 model, which has a bit more MIDI control I believe. Either way, you won\'t be disappointed.

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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    I love the action and master keyboard features on my Kurzweil PC2x.

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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    How about a Yamaha QN88?(not sure of the model name, but a friend has that one, and oh...it\'s so good!!! )

    I know that the Roland one has real keys, but people say it has really fragile keys. Archangel


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    Re: Best Midi Controller

    A big thank you to everyone who has replied so far. I now have a fair list of models to go and try out in the flesh.

    Many thanks

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