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Topic: Still At Mother's Ranch

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    Still At Mother's Ranch

    It's been just a blast the last three month here and less than 21 months left until we can put her in assisted living and start working on cleaning this place up to sell. I just have to keep thinking about the money. Ah, the money.

    Last week my daughter told me not to give her the mail because she was hiding and losing it. When I did that she threw a fit and called 911. The cops showed up she told them to toss me out. She doesn't even know what year it is now.

    We are now in the process of forwarding the mail to my youngest brother who has power of attorney and lives close by. We have her check book and will cancel her QVC account and credit card soon.

    It still won't be easy but we will soon have total financial control over her.

    She is a Republican but her reckless spending was like that of a Democrat, Ha,ha.


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    Re: Still At Mother's Ranch

    The good and the bad really get mixed together in heavy doses in times like you're going through, Phil. That's a pretty rough scene you described with the police.

    You may recall I had some tense times with my mother in her last few years. Things really did get much better for her once she was in the nice home that was arranged for her. We were fortunate that even though her dementia was severe, she never forgot who her kids were.

    Hang in there, Phil, and thanks for telling us about what's happening.


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