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Topic: Oscars

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    Well, I don't usually have an interest in Oscars, but tonight was a first for me. It is the only time that a person portraying a man I knew won an Oscar for best actor. I have not yet seen the film, probably won't for a few more days, so I can't comment on it for accuracy or content, but as I remember from the book, some strategic material was omitted. I am thinking of Harvey's association with Ray Broshears, in particular, a meeting which took place before the election. Last that I could verify,2 of the 5 persons at that meeting are still alive, one of them being me. Well, it will be an interesting experience to see a movie about the times and places of my past.


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    Re: Oscars

    I haven't seen the movie either but congrats to Sean Penn, et al. I hear it's a fine film. I hope that it was faithful to your memories.
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    Talking Re: Oscars

    Oscar who?

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    Re: Oscars

    Ive been out of the loop for the last 10 days (skiiing ) what have i missed? who won what for what and did they deserve it?!

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    Re: Oscars

    Well Heath Ledger certainly deserved it - I'd have given him Best Actor - let's face it, Christian Bale was the supporting actor in that one.

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    Re: Oscars

    I don't recall a Ray, but Harvey Dent turned out to be one tough cookie. Was your meeting pre or post Two-Face?

    Seriously, it must have been a great thing to be a part of such a movement. I've not seen Milk yet, but it is on the short list. I just caught Slumdog Millionaire and I think it was very deserving for best picture.

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    Re: Oscars

    It's cool, Richard, that you knew him. I thought the film was fantastic and the score, too. Very different and subtle for Elfman. And the subject is so timely.

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    Re: Oscars

    Yeah - Oscars, Emmys, Baftas etc etc etc are all meaningless drivel.

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    Re: Oscars

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulR View Post
    Yeah - Oscars, Emmys, Baftas etc etc etc are all meaningless drivel.
    Not if you compare the royalty checks from films that won to those from similar films that didn't get nominated.

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    Re: Oscars

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulR View Post
    Yeah - Oscars, Emmys, Baftas etc etc etc are all meaningless drivel.
    But I still want one.

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