After installing Omnisphere, I moved the STEAM folder to an external (networked) volume for space reasons. With a STEAM alias in Home/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics, this works fine and is just as recommended in the installation documentation.

I just updated the plugin to 1.0.3f. Also fine.

However, now I can't get the Patch Library update to run. The external location where I now have STEAM is grayed out as a selection, and when I select the Home/Library/Application Support/Spectrasonics location, I get an error message when the Installer finishes: "Install location must be the same location used for Disc 1"

I could just copy the contents of the STEAM folder in the Updater over into the external location manually-actually I did this previously with an earlier update- but I'm nervous of creating a complete mess.

This is rather puzzling. Thanks for any help.