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Topic: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

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    Omnisphere and rotating knobs question


    In Omnisphere, I usually load up a patch and turn some knobs around to get the desired result. To rotate a knob I press with the mouse on the knob and keep pressing while dragging the mouse. The problem is that whenever I press on a knob, its value jumps to where I pressed with my mouse. I would like it to stay at its current location and change only when I drag the mouse (not just press it).
    Example: knob is at ~10 oclock. I want to change it by just a little bit. I press somewhere on the knob (in order to drag the mouse to change the knob value) but the knob jumps to wherever I pressed. Since the knobs have no numbers around them I need to start guessing where the knob was at before I pressed with the mouse.

    I hope I'm being clear.
    How can I change this GUI behavior?

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    Re: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

    I believe you have to search your host settings, not Omnisphere's.
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    Re: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

    May be a DAW issue.. as this does not occur on either my Live 7.04 (?) or my Logic 8.02 setup.

    When I click on a knob / fader, as small grey window appears showing the parameter value. Eg - Vol Fader shows 0.0 db, or Pan Knob shows 0.500. etc etc

    I have to drag & move the mouse before the parameter changes.
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    Re: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

    I wrote to tech support about this.
    It's really annoying.
    I want to check what the knob value is so I press on the knob and instead of showing me the value it jumps to a new location (where I pressed with the mouse) and gives me this new location value.

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    Re: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

    I really don't think this is an Omnisphere issue. Nobody else is having this behavior, and there is nowhere in Omnisphere to change it. You will usually have to change this in your host. What host are you using?

    I know you think it just has to be the fault of Omnisphere, but I really don't believe it is. If it is, I've not heard a single other person mention it.


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    Re: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

    I am using cubase studio 4.1.
    I got a reply from tech support asking me to send a session which experiences this bahavior.

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    Re: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

    The thing is, this doesn't sound like a bug. It's just one of the ways that plugins can let you control their knobs. And usually, there is a global setting in the host preferences that changes it. It doesn't sound like anything is really wrong, as it's normal behavior.

    Unless I missed a setting in Omnisphere, then I don't know why it would be happening to you and nobody else if it were Omni's fault.

    Good luck.


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    Re: Omnisphere and rotating knobs question

    I received a reply from tech support saying it's a host preference like you said. I'll need to look into cubase help and see where I can control that.
    thanks for the help.

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