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Topic: Queen of Hearts

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    Queen of Hearts

    This is another part of my suite concerning Lewis Carrol's Through the Looking Glass. Although The Queen of Hearts is in Alice in Wonderland and not in Through the Looking Glass, I took the liberty of adding her to the suite.
    The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland is the one that always said "Off with their heads".

    Here it is


    Comments and/or insults welcome

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Queen of Hearts

    That's pretty exciting music, Mr. Ron. I like your transition at about the half-way mark. Good bongo work also.

    What samples did you use in this fine production?

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Queen of Hearts

    Boy, the Queen Of Hearts is unrelenting.

    I can see her strutting around with that scowl on her face.

    She seems to leave us in peace towards the end but don't think she won't return.

    This is a important addition to your suite. Well done Ron.


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    Re: Queen of Hearts

    Wow Ron, this is really, really good! Right from the get go, it's really got some drive, it sounds to me like someone is being harried or pursued.
    Great recording on this one, all the orchestral sounds seem very balanced and they sound great. You ought to be in the movies! John

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    Re: Queen of Hearts

    Excellent, Ron - Dangerous and dark, well in keeping with your decidedly adult version of "Alice" thus far.

    I think it's one of your most elegant recordings, and do I dare say - a bit more "commercial" than some of your other work, in the good sense of the word? -

    Applause to you, Ron.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Queen of Hearts

    This matches the quality of the rest of the "Looking Glass" pieces in terms of writing and rendering.

    I think you've captured the character of the queen of hearts nicely.

    Steve Winkler

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    Re: Queen of Hearts

    Mr Larry

    This uses GPO, JABB, EWQLSO Gold XP and EWQLSO RA.

    I still have to add some more doubling of the instruments with GPO. I think GPO acts great when layered with other libraries.

    Those Bongos are from RA and took forever to get right.


    While I was composing this, I had a picture in my mind of her just strutting around scowling so I guess I succeeded in composing that picture.


    This was my first attempt at getting a piece that was more in a commercial vein. As soon as all of the movie producers stop calling me I will let you know which one I choose to work with (Time to wake up Ron, you're dreaming again).


    A number of new pieces were put up fast and I thought it would be a while before I could post this one. Things can move fast here sometimes.
    I was also very excited about this one.

    One thing that I think you will understand and even find a bit humorous, everytime I listen to this one I want to add more! How's that for making it commercial. I just won't learn.


    Thank you sir

    Thanks again guys

    "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Albert Einstein


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    Re: Queen of Hearts


    This is really quite stunning Ron! Yes, it has a more "commercial feel" but your fingerprint is still very apparent. I like that combination.

    It does echo some early Elfman; but, to me, that is not such a "bad" thing and by no means am I suggesting copyright infringement!

    Much enjoyed those brass swells, Bongos and Bells! You have truly captured the character. Your chromatic scaling and pulsing lower strings, punctuated by the bongo work, is haunting and captivating, to say the least. Honestly, another great work for your collection!

    ... And if you don't want all this flattery and sloppy BS, check your posts at that "other" place.

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    Re: Queen of Hearts

    I grabbed for the link as soon as I saw this post and wasn't disappointed. This is one of the most listenable "modern" songs I've heard in a while, and the rendering is just fantastic. Thanks for sharing this!

    There is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. Therefore there must be a God. You either get this one or you don't - Kreeft & Tacelli
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    Cool Re: Queen of Hearts

    Wow, Ron, This was massive!!! Delicious!!!

    I think it's time to knock on the doors of Hollywood!

    Inventive percusssion... overall very passionate... definitely the best of your creations, Ron!


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