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Topic: Host vs. MIDI automation, etc.?

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    Host vs. MIDI automation, etc.?


    Could someone please explain the difference and is one better to use than the other? Both are available in my host DAWs.

    Also, what does the "script 2" in the ModWhl parameter name mean?

    I have some other questions about the Kontakt Player (like what does "group" mean in the "assigned to" frame?). Is there a manual for the Player somewhere? I've looked unsuccessfully on the NI site, and the GPO .pdf doesn't really cover these topics well.



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    Re: Host vs. MIDI automation, etc.?

    Hi, Susan - I use Kontakt as a plugin in Sonar, loaded with all of the Garritan Libraries.

    This doesn't answer all your questions, because here's what I do, works for me, maybe you'll be happy doing this too:

    --I use KP2 only as the holder for the instruments. I don't use any of the effects, knobs that can be automated etc--Because I feel better about having all of that kind of thing done inside Sonar.

    I set up the instruments so they each have their individual fader in KP2, and of course those faders need to correspond to the same number of audio tracks in Sonar. Good - I'm set to go then. The sound of each instrument is coming out on its own track as I need in Sonar. Then all automation of volume, panning, whatever else I want to do is done inside Sonar.

    I should add that if changing some instrument parameters during a piece is part of a given project, for instance, if I'm using Var 1 and/or 2, then that MIDI automation is part of the data in my MIDI tracks inside of Sonar.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Host vs. MIDI automation, etc.?

    Hi Randy-

    Sorry it took me a while to reply, I gave up checking for a few days!

    I'm actually doing what you're doing now (and in SONAR, too!). I'm more comfortable doing the automation in SONAR, and since it's easy to expose the params I need I'll leave the player alone.

    I'm still curious about some of my questions, but it's really not worth pursuing at this point. I think I was making it too complicated.

    Thanks very much!


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