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Topic: What's out there that plays .gig files please?

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    What's out there that plays .gig files please?

    What options are there for just playing gig files? I do not want to sample, edit samples or create files.

    I only have a very old basic version of Gigasampler which doesn’t work because it’s not compatible for whatever reason with my current soundcard. GO figure.

    Is there something that is relatively inexpensive and do the job?

    What would you all reccomend or suggest?"

    Thanks so much.


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    Re: What's out there that plays .gig files please?

    GVI 3 might be your best bet. I'm not sure about the cost and availability, but it shouldn't be expensive, considering that it's discontinued. And it should be compatible with all Windows soundcards. GVI3 uses a dongle, so you might be able to pick it up used.

    BTW, there's a rumor of some GigaStudio news in the near future. I have no details, but it can only be good - if something really happens.

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    Re: What's out there that plays .gig files please?

    LinuxSampler available for GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac.
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    Re: What's out there that plays .gig files please?

    You may want to try Coyote Electronics Forte DXI. It goes for $40 bucks, but there's a trial version. Below is the pitch on the product. It's sold by PGMusic

    Coyote's ForteDXi is a DirectX (DXi) plug-in that implements a high-quality sample player. Its sampled instruments offer a sound quality far better than the standard MIDI synthesizer. ForteDXi works with any compatible DXi host program to allow it to produce very realistic instrument sounds.

    ForteDXi Version 1.6 is now available from PG Music Inc. This version now handles several GigaStudio3 file features, including "round-robin" and "random-play" layers. This version includes Forte sound bank version 1.4b. This is a FREE upgrade for current Forte users and will work with existing registration keys. New users can purchase ForteDXi from PG Music Inc. for only $40.

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