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Topic: Tonehammer releases: "Lakeside Organ"

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    Tonehammer releases: "Lakeside Organ"

    Tonehammer is proud to announce the release of our Lakeside Pipe Organ.

    The Lakeside Church Organ is partial analogue and electronic pipe organ that produces its sound by venting mechanically compressed air (wind) through resonant pipes. Each pipe produces sound of one fixed pitch, so they are provided in sets with one pipe or more per note, each set or stop having a common timbre and loudness throughout. The Lakeside Organ has multiple sets of pipes of differing timbre, pitch and loudness which the player can employ singly or in combination. The actual organ is made from three keyboards, played by the hands, and a pedal board for bass notes, played by the feet, each of which controls its own group of stops.

    We carefully recorded the organ at a variety of different settings, which allows the user to control the timbre of the organ. We recorded five different settings comparably from PP to FF. All settings recorded at two microphone positions (close/far), so user have ultimately flexibility between 10 different organ settings. Additionally we realized that many other organ sample libraries use noise reduction, which gives a more polished/clinical sound to the organ. We decided to take the opposite approach and allow all the air sounds in the library, since a variety of the "noise" is the air produced by the pipes. This means that the organ has a more full and airy sound (especially in softer settings), which gives a more emotional expression.

    Tonehammer Lakeside Organ Facts:

    * $59
    * 5 Different Organ Settings (Equivalent to PP, P, MP, MF, FF)
    * Close and Far microphone positions for all settings
    * All notes on organ sampled (no interval sampling)
    * All notes sampled with release triggers
    * Acoustic recording without noise reduction
    * Additional foot basses in forte patches
    * Additional bell/chimes included
    * Additional session recordings, FX, live organ demos and hall sounds
    * Extensive read me install, patch and hint documentation (.pdf) (download here)
    * 15 instrument patches, 1,584 samples, 1,75 GB installed, 978 MB .rar download
    * Sample resolution: 44.1Khz/16Bit stereo and stereo .wav format
    * Format(s): Kontakt 2 and .wav
    * Note: Native Instruments Kontakt 2.2.4 / 3 full stand-alone retail versions required

    http://www.tonehammer.com/?p=1463 for more information, interviews and demos.




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    Re: Tonehammer releases: "Lakeside Organ"

    Nice to hear this news.As far as i know there are no many choices of pipe organ on the market.
    At such prices i will put my hand on it very fast
    Can you tell something more on this organ?(location and so on) .
    Thank you

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    Re: Tonehammer releases: "Lakeside Organ"

    Thank you for the nice notion. We have extensive amount of information about the organ and the samples.

    Here is a link with the organist (20 min mp3 interview) talking about the history of the organ and a variety of music examples:


    Here is a link to our .pdf documentation, which explains the instrument in details and all the patches in the instrument:


    Lemme know if you have any further questions.

    Best - Troels

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