Hope this makes sense. I have a question about .gig files. I recently imported a large Giga library into Kontakt on my Mac. The Kontakt 2 translator puts all of the samples for each instrument into a sample pool and then separates the articulations: eg. Violin 1 Legato with have a folder for samples and then 8 articulations which can be loaded separately into Kontakt.

Now going back to my slave PC, I would prefer to use the same library in its original Giga format. But with the Giga files, you have to load the complete instrument, in the above example, all 8 articulations, so I end up having a lot more articulations loaded then I may need for a particular project. I assume that this is because the sample pool of .wav files is built into the .gig file and to have the articulations separated (individual .gig files) you would be duplicating a lot of the same .wav files. So assuming that I don't mind losing the harddrive space by separating the articulations contained in 1 .gig file, is there an easy way to do this in the Giga Instrument Editor or some other software?