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Topic: GPO and Jazz & Big Band

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    GPO and Jazz & Big Band

    What happens if use both GPO and Jazz & Big Band? Will the libraries be controlled by only one Kontakt Player, or are the Kontakt Players that come with the samples somehow specific for the libraries? I ask because I still use an old Cubasis as my sequencer. Kontakt Player for my GPO works well as a plug-in in this environment, but I doubt whether I can use two versions of Kontakt Player as plug-ins simultaneously, in case I want to use instruments from both libraries (the combination Kontakt Player + Kompakt does e.g. not work).

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    Re: GPO and Jazz & Big Band

    WHen you use GPO and JABB in one place as a VST say, Kontakt Player shows both in one instance.

    You can mix and match instruments from both (as well as other Garritan libraries). Other libraries that use KP2 also show up and can be used simultaneously
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    Re: GPO and Jazz & Big Band

    Hi Bernt,

    It depends which version of Kontakt Player you are using:

    If you have Kontakt Player 2 for both instruments, they will load into one interface. You can mix and match between the two libs (and anything else that runs in KP2).

    If your JABB and/or GPO is still running in Kontakt Player 1 (limited to 8 instruments per instance), you should upgrade to KP2. There are instructions on how to do so located in a sticky thread above and on the Garritan WIKI.

    But, if you are using KP1 from either lib, they will remain separate and you will have to load different instances for each library (just like Kompakt).

    As an afterthought I recall there being an issue between Cubasis VST and KP2. If you encounter troubles, look into Reaper, a low-cost and much more capable alternative.


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    Re: GPO and Jazz & Big Band

    Thanks buckshead and Reegs!

    One thing I forgor to mention was that currently I only have GPO, but am thinking about purchasing Jazz & Big Bang. So I haven't been able to see how things work together.

    If you, Reegs, have any recollection about what kind of problems there might be between Cubasis 5.0 VST and KP2 I would be grateful. I haven't noticed anything severe, but on the other hand I haven't been doing anything complicated, either

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    Re: GPO and Jazz & Big Band

    I have a larger hard drive now, but I had to install a new OS X operating system in my MacBook Pro-Intel. Everything had to be reinstalled. In Finale now, GJBB full version 1.19, will not show up. All of the Native Instruments are updated and activated. What I do get is The Garritan Instruments for Finale via Kontaktplayer2. I do have in the FinaleAU folder: Garritanjazzinstrument.txt, GIFinstrument.txt, gpo2instrument.txt, and gpoinstrument.txt. Should there be more items? The GJBB doesn't show up at all! It used to. I am completely frustrated. Help anyone!
    Thank you.

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