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Topic: Coverting Giga to Kontakt

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    Coverting Giga to Kontakt

    Is there a reason that my libraries don't convert properly from Giga to Kontakt for some instruments?
    If there are multiple velocity levels, it only converts one of them.
    Looking in the mapping editor I can clearly see that when I play above (louder) than a certain threshold, I won't get any sound.
    Is everyone painstakingly re-creating the instruments manually for those that don't convert properly?

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    Re: Coverting Giga to Kontakt

    That's exactly why I decided to go with GVI because there's no conversion. I also noticed a difference when I tried converting the Giga to Kontakt. It always seemed to sound better
    when played from Gigastudio/GVI.


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    Re: Coverting Giga to Kontakt

    Sounds the same to me but in general Akai libraries don't convert properly.

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    Re: Coverting Giga to Kontakt

    Quote Originally Posted by slinky View Post
    Sounds the same to me but in general Akai libraries don't convert properly.
    I've never had a problem with AKAI libraries - I never used a convertor though - I just imported them straight into Kontakt.

    Regarding Giga libraries I don't think I've had a problem with multiple velocity layers per se (although I'm going to go check a few of my conversions out more closely now). But I've never managed to convert a library that made use of crossfades across mulitple velocity layers. In those cases Kontakt seems to convert all the velocity layers, but put all of them on top of each other, all triggered by the whole velocity range.

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    Re: Coverting Giga to Kontakt

    Well..since K3 came out, Akai imports doesnt seem to work at all in most cases.
    I noticed it recently becouse i have large amount of akai cds that i wanted to convert, and much to my surprise...it makes acomplete mess of almost every akai cd i got.

    For giga, i never noticed anything too strange in the imports, but...they are never perfect, and the more complex programming ...the more k3 makes a mess of it.

    I dont think theres any way around it...you need to reprogram all the broken bits.

    Actualy..i wish there was some sort of legal website or datbase one could up\down-load konverted NKI`s , as im sure theres alot of people, (myself included) that has converted and redone some of the older giga and akai libs that got left behind.

    But im not sure it thats legit or not ?
    Are the Actual NKI files free to be shared, without any samples offcourse?
    Since technicaly speaking, you made the yourself, sort of...

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    Re: Coverting Giga to Kontakt

    I agree with Wolfetho. I recently converted SI Symphonic Strings to Kontakt so I can play them on my Mac DAW machine. They still seem to sound better though on my PC slave played in Giga3 or GVI.

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    Re: Coverting Giga to Kontakt

    Kaatza Music- Its funny you mention the SI Strings. That's exactly the library I was thinking of when I remembered having conversion problems. They seemed to sound much better
    in Gigastudio than in Kontakt.

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